Roberto Q. Ingram Download Biography

Los Angeles/Munich

Inspiration Network, OM Recordings, Water Seed Music Group, Black Nation Records, Exun Recordings, Munich Germany

Roberto Q. Ingram was born in Cincinnati Ohio, raised in Southern California. At the age of 15 years old he knew entertainment and music would be an significant and influential part of his life. Growing up in Los Angeles, Roberto Q. Ingram obtained notoriety as a street and classical jazz dancer, soon thereafter got his first break as a dancer for the famous TV show “Soul Train” a long-running American music-related syndicated television program and in this same period he assembled professional dancing team then began performing for Japan for Asics Tiger cooperation. “While working as lead choreographer and dancer in the early 80`s Roberto saw his favorite musician Herbie Hancock perform live on the keyboards with DJ DSL, scratching to his hit “Rocket”. he was completely blown away and weeks later he bought two SL-220 Technics and NuMark DM-1650 DJ Mixer.

With the inspiration acquired he began collecting hip hop, classic funk then on to house and techno records, the next step was to perfect his skills which paved the way for him to dj at private parties and special occasions. Roberto soon found himself holding residencies in Los Angeles such as the Hollywood Palace, Spice, The Mayan and a plethora of LA venues. This solidified Ingram’s club stature, while spinning at large parties for established celebrities like Kid Creole and The Coconuts, Janet Jackson, Arsenial Hall, Magic Johnson, then in 1990 Roberto started rocking major underground events such as Tribal Gathering and Sketch Pad all know for their advanced music interest.

Relocating in 1995 to Munich, Germany he has performed a tremendous amount of event and club work across Europe such as the F-Scope 2006,10 Years World League Event 2007,Celebration Of Life 2007, Valkana Beach Festival 1996-2002, Rave on Snow and the Berlin Love Parade an important milestone in any DJ’s career. Ingram has also partaken in the annual Mayday festival, for which he was featured on the 1998 album of the same name. For nearly 20 years Roberto Q. Ingram continues to establish himself as a DJ who represents a sophisticated approach to underground dance music.

“Behind the decks Roberto Q. Ingram`s sets are eclectically upfront, sexually harassing, not bond to a genre, and interprets some of the nastiest grooves geared to expands the limits of dance music. His objective is to entertain and to submit perfect examples of how music can be used as a positive tool, whilst still embracing and embodying his black roots.

So in 2002 Roberto initiated collaborational productions with Konrad Buckler Concepts “Who Stole The Soul” Exun, Stephan Riedel “The Moody Waters ep” Exun, “Rolando – Transcend” Nite Life mix cd, Alex Flatner “This Is Yabada” Equator UK, Alex Flatner “Mak n moves Ep” Black Nation Records and Roberto Ingram XXX Records” Biosphere Vol. 4. All works received positive feedback from dj/producers and dance floors world wide. Nice but more is yet to come!!

After years of world wide clubs experiences like with Freerotation – Wales, Hospital Club – Khabarovsk/Russia Die Registratur – Munich/Germany Rote Sonne – Munich/Germany Harry Klein – Munich/Germany Casablanca – Celje/Slovenia Tronic Treatment – New York City / USA Redlight Music – Boston/USA Ambasada Gavioli – Izola/Slovenia Panarama Bar – Berlin/Germany world wide like with legends such as Kevin Saunderson, Jay Denham, Anthony Shaker, Claude Young and Felix The Housecat and many others, gratefully speaking a lot was learned and the need to progress was imitate.

Pushing forward Roberto has made studio production a major priority to release his own music due late 2009 and mid 2010. Besides his busy schedule he established Inspiration Network has grown into a service bureau for consulting, music production and event company. Over the years Inspiration Network has produced events such as Eastside Session, Blowfish and Celebration Of Life in close cooperation with clubs, radio stations, promoters and tastemakers.