Feel Like I Do – Dj Roberto Ingram (Heartbeat Remix) Out Now!

Hello Everyone, as promised earlier this month today Water Seed Music Group unveils Water Seed’s Feel Like I Do Suite in anticipation of the band’s full length release “Wonder Love”. The Suite features three version of the classic Water Seed song Feel Like I Do. The Suite features DJ Roberto Ingram (Germany/LA) Heartbeat Remix with Jon Bibbs (vocals), Guillaume Haller (flute), Roykey Creo (guitar) and an extended live band instrumental version. The Water Seed Feel Like I Do Suite will be available for digital download on Wednesday July 18, 2012. ( Listen & Free Download ) Surprisingly enough this time around Mr. Ingram decided to go against the grain of his underground electronics and venture back to his roots of soul & groove with a whole lot vibe going on that exploits sexy heart felt vocals, booming bass, mind blowing flute solo accompanied by a jazzy guitar that`s simply smokin. The heartbeat remix is nice in your car, radio or club. The live instrumental version is the icing on the cake which injects a serious jazz flow supported by a huge sax solo and lovely background vocal. This track stimulates all your bodies senses. We think this heart felt sound is something for everyone and we hope you do as well. (Listen & Free Download) !!