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Decisive Podcast & Radio is created to connect with you, to build our fan base to conduct an open dialogue of communication with you and your friends, concerning the musical pathway we have chosen. We are excited that the series has been developing slowly but steady with the contribution of chosen artist/musician/DJs who have been engaging and supportive along the way. 

Our modus operandi is to present a high-quality music podcast/radio show that combines pieces of information that direct attention to the freedom & art of expression, through the lens of our artist/musician/DJs, who take the risk of introducing a fresh selection of music that challenges the listener’s imagination. Music for those with an open mind. Music that is electric, soulful, funky, hard, soft, eclectic groovy or broken. The series also supports cool events, local and worldwide, because after all sharing this can lead to more creativity and social awareness. 

Your support is necessary, so feel free to add your questions, constructive comments & topics surrounding all things music. Most important support the talents that work hard for the Decisive Podcast & Radio Series. How to do that? Follow us 

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