Check out my Traxsource Chart October 2016

I just started a new list of music i am digging at the moment.

Check out my Traxsource Chart October 2016, it includes my new release “Voluntary Expression” on Blue Dye Records.

Traxsource charts

Decisive Podcast Series 2016-2017

Decisive Podcast Series, is picking up pace and has been consistent at 70% listeners return rate to the show and more & more checking us out world wide. I will continue to work hard to provide the best diverse program I can possible provide. Do not forget Decisive has three different platforms of its concept. #1. Decisive Podcast Munich Exclusive (Is clearly understood here) #2. Decisive Podcast Series Special ( International & Global players) and Decisive Podcast Guest Mix ( For new up & coming musicians, dj`s  artists. The podcasts are a lot of work and gets costly at times but 

“Music is that portal that binds us and expands all boundaries”
The next episodes expand globally with music mixes by myself and carefully selected guest talent world wide. Two to three times per month depending on the work load in 2016-2017. I hope you will listen and embrace the various artists and styles of music I feel to be significant and bound to no genra. It is important that I represent a brand that focus on passionate Dj`s, Musicians & Artists that take risk and bold enough to experiment with introducing only quality music.

I hope that you will listen, Interact & support the show. Give your comments Like, Follow and spread the word. I am excited about the results from people around the world that apparently enjoy the series of “Decisive Podcast Series Exclusive by Roberto Q. Ingram.

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My new track “Voluntary Expression” Is Out Now!

Hello Music Lovers, My song “Voluntary Expression” which has found a slot on the Blue Dye ADE Compilation 2016. The song is simple with a emotional compelling vibe and mesmerises anyone with a adventurous mind. Its a deep organic contemporary tune for easy listening and if you feel like dancing? Its good for that as well. I really dig “Voluntary Expression” and of course I hope you can feel the magic. You can buy it in digital format on nearly all dj download web stores in the world.

Buy here: Beatport, Traxsource,

Thanks for your support, Roberto

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