Hello Music Enthusiast World Wide, Its February 4th 2015, This is The Decisive Podcast#7 Black History Month Edition. I am your host Roberto Q. Ingram. Welcome to the Decisive Podcast Black History Month Special#7 featuring music by a young African american by the name of Afrikan Sciences (aka Eric Porter). Thanks for listen and I hope you enjoy the program.







Tracklist for Decisive podcast #7 special, THE DREAMERS DISCO UNDERSTANDING.
Malena Perez – The Dreamer
Theo Parrish – Be in Yo Self
The Maghreban – MT707
Succulent Sounds – Trueflower
Jay Daniel – Brainz
Tettory Bad ft Shea Soul – Its Ur time
T.P. Orchestre – Hwe Tuwe Hun
Beat Spacek – Tonite
Heidi Vogel – Turn Up The Quiet (IG Culture remix)
Nubian Mindz – Good Vibez
Afrikan Sciences – Understand Build Destroy To Make Born
HDADD – SailorAlex
Attias ft Colonel Red – Finding Who We Are

Thank you for the interview Afrikan Sciences