Remix-Contest for Innercity – Goodlife

Hello Friends, Partners & Associates,
 Roberto Ingram & Sandra Gold has entered the Remix Contest for Innercity`s РGood life that was originally produced by Kevin Master Reese Saunderson nearly 25 years ago and more on it`s considered to be a classic.

The intention of this remix was to create an underground version with a stinky soul & groove texture that functions in any big or small venue. We reworked the vocals to add an uplifting energy along with chords and percussive elements that blend nicely around our deep vibes. Are we excited? Yes absolutely.

We would appreciate to hear what you think about our version of the remix? Plus we also want your vote!

Please Click:

Please be sure to make an beatport account so that you can vote.
How to vote:
Click on the link. Under the vote-counter you will find a button “LOGIN TO VOTE”. Login with you Beatport-Account and press the Button “Vote”. Done!

Thanks for your support!
Roberto Ingram & Sandra Gold


Freerotation 2013

3 day festival at Baskerville Hall Clyro Court – Hay-on-Wye featuring Freerotation as the event of the year!

What a great line up of quality music and art. After working my ass off in the studio, singing, working at the office. I can now get back to what I do best dj. I am up for a great time with my friends.

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