Freerotation Festival – Only 28 days to go!!

Freerotation have begun revealing their lineup for 2012. You guys will have such a great time this year at Freerotation, amazing line up and I will miss all of you. Gotta a few nice things happening before 2013 so I hope I am with you next year. Love , Peace & Soul.

R.A. wrote
As usual, the intimate Welsch festival runs the gamut from classic house to advanced bass music. A cast of residents and perennial stalwarts make up most of the bill, such as Shackleton, Portable, Move D, Tama Sumo, Lakuti, Jackmate, Grimes Adhesif, Leif and Hessle Audio founders Pearson Sound, Pangaea and Ben UFO. Also returning this year are XDB, October (as TANSTAAFL) and Fred P. Peverelist will team up with Kowton and Asusu as Livity Sound, and Move D will play with Juju & Jordash as Magic Mountain High (Juju & Jordash will DJ on their own as well). Newcomers include Roman Flügel, Lawrence, Blawan, John Heckle (playing live), Delta Funktionen, Kassem Mosse and DJ Deep. Way more artists confirmed.

One of the things that makes Freerotation special is its cozy house party atmosphere, which comes from its unique venue (Baskerville Hall Hotel) and its small capacity (about 650 attendees). Naturally, this makes tickets a hot commodity: the festival uses a membership system, which is getting tighter this year. Early bird tickets have already been made available for anyone who’s been to the festival at least twice before, and will be open to all existing members on Monday, March 19th. The invitation system will go live the next day, and each existing member will be able to invite one new person. For the first time, there will be a 50/50 gender split in ticket allocation, at least until April 30th (by which point the festival will likely be sold out). The Freerotation crew explained this in an email sent out to all existing members last month:

“The reason for this decision has its roots three years ago when we made the bad decision to allow each member to invite ten guests. We subsequently reduced this to five, but it was too late to stop a massive gender imbalance developing which has had a knock on effect to this day, because many blokes invited whole gangs of their mates and not a single woman. Up to that point the gender split was roughly 50/50.”