Decisive Radio Show celebrates ONE YEAR of existence!

Dear Friends, Decisive Members, Colleagues & Music Lovers,
It’s a pleasure to announce that the Decisive Radio Show celebrates ONE YEAR of existence, love and sweat. From 18h – 22h we will be Live Streaming directly from the Spanplatte Club connected and through our lovely Radio 8000 home base next floor up. The purpose of this event is to spread our outreach to you and your friends who enjoy the endless passion for music that all our DJ’s and artist bring to the table. There will be a limited amount of tickets on the door and soon on pre sale of 8 euros to cover the cost of the event. Tickets:

Follow the live stream from anywhere around the world directly from our Facebook group Here:                                                              

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Line up:
Roberto Q. Ingram The Decisive series founder, Dj, Producer, Radio Host “Roberto Q. Ingram has been around the corner and back a few times humble with a likeable personality and no matter how big or small the occasion his sets are a bit eclectically upfront, sexually harassing & interprets some of the nastiest grooves. His objective is to entertain and submit examples of how music can be used to spread a positive message, yet at the same time with a moderate focus on progression an important. More Info: Jay Scarlett is a DJ and sound smith with British-Jamaican roots. His innovative Beat Dimensions compilations have taken him around the globe. He lives in Munich and is active as a DJ, promoter, and as a radio host for Puls, the Bayerischer Rundfunk’s youth channel. Jay`s club style is dynamic & second to non. More info: Hakim Murphy Aka “hm505. Chicago Native.
Haling from Chicago and crafty creating music sets using drum machines, synthesisers, and samplers. “hm505 Loves rhythms, harmonies, and melodies. With many releases under his belt His exclusive Chicago House Party live act is surely not to be missed! More Infos.,

Kim_Twiddle an amazing hard working all over Munich and abroad, her expertise in (electronic) music and live acts is outstanding and always performed with 100% passion. She loves to play vinyl and some people call her Dj. She consistently devotes herself to interweaving music with elements from all the arts, constantly creating dramatic productions, performances and events with others. Twiddledidooh.


Ludwig Rausch / Dots. – Munich Together with Alex Cristea he runs the label DOTS. Music in Munich and is known for its notorious Trip To Bermuda sessions. Their home base is the Pascha, Palais and in the new Sunday Club Ludwig Rausch can often be found again.

Marco Wachs / RFR / IWW – Regensburg. A young talent that you should keep an eye on. Released on the Munich labels IWW and RFR. Marco is known from the MMA, Rote Sonne and Harry Klein. More Info: Facebook, –

Decisive Podcast Series Episode 17

Hello its Wednesday June 5, 2013
I am Roberto Q. Ingram and your listening to my podcast Episode 16 better known as ” The Decisive Podcast Series” with yours truly in the Mix.

Before I introduce the show in short detail, please be sure hit the play button on my here on my website at the home page at the bottom near the player or at podomatic while reading. it is located in the top menu bar on the left and down below that is the download button, is case you would like to listen to the show at your leisure.

My show today features music from some new comers and cutting edge techno producers with legendary Status. Artists like Robert Hood, Rolando, Mike Dunn, Detroit Swindle, Terence Fixmer, Jonas Kopp, Cosmin TRG only to Name a few.

The sound, technic and approach to Desicive this time around is no deture from my feelings about what underground electronic dance music means to me.          
I guess the best way to describe my vision here is groovy, techno, deep and musical.

I want let you know about a few current Gig Dates coming up.
I will be playing Friday July 12th to July 14th in the Uk at Freerotation Festival, the Festival last for three days with many talented Dj`s, Musicians & Visual Artists.
As for now i have no idea what the day or the Time My Set is.
Never the less Freerotation is a heart felt party that is not to be missed…

Then in  Munich Germany  on July 28th ,I will be headlining in At the Labor Family  “Summer Happening” the last event I played for these promoters was sweet, I am looking forward to playing with some of my Munich buddies again..

So If you are in or around any of these two locations
Come Out and Show Some Love!

Well nuff said..  lets get to it
Here we go with your boy Roberto Q. Ingram in the mix with Decisive Podcast Episode 16.
Give me a shout here on my website Enjoy…
To download or play “Click” the text below!!
Decisive Podcast Series Episode 17, is now ready for your ears, iphone, mp3 player.

Roberto Q. Ingram “Basement Junkies mIx” On Circle Music Mixtape presented by Sceen.Fm

15 min to go folks. Listen on sceen.Fm or download player, Click here:

What ever you think say it: As a reminder please post your comments, like and follow me on facebook, Circle Music Mixtape and of course here on my website. Thanks for listening and of course your support. Roberto Q. Ingram

Roberto Q. Ingram on “Circle Music Radio Show”










Friday September 28, 2012 – Listen 14:00 -15:00 Pm to Circle Music Radio Show “Mixtape on Sceen. FM,   featuring your truly “Roberto Q. Ingram in the mix. My dj presentation is titled “Basement Junkies” mixed with vinyl & digital to capture an organic feeling and the selection of music pays respect to some of my favorite underground producers at the moment, such as A Made Up Sound, Midland, G. Marcell, Christopher Rau & Summand & Dot just to name a few. The idea of the Basement Junkies sound is relatively simple “Give the listener a deep groovy, chunky tech mix of oldschool/modern junk to vibe & step to” Thanks to my friend Alex Flatner for inviting me to take part in his radio show, Alex and I worked together releasing techno under the project Flatner/Ingram project in 1999-2003 on Black Nation USA & Equator UK. A little about Sceen.FM
The culture of electronic music has no borders and in addition to the enthusiasm for music are the themes of fashion, nightlife, art, event, travel, digital lifestyle and the latest trends, Sceen.FM always focused their target audience. As a premium provider`s high quality content and features in the field of international electronic music culture.           

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Decisive Podcast 15 – The Africian Inspired Episode










Listen in on October 17 2012 to Decisive Podcast 15. I have been producing my by monthly podcast for Inspiration Network since mid 2009, in titled “Decisive Podcasts Series” by Roberto Q. Ingram. The series of mixes are conceived to give you an idea of what music I enjoy playing and its only the beginning. More episodes will continue every other month till the end of the year. I hope you will listen and embrace the various artists and styles of music I feel to be significant.                

Listen in on October 17 2012  to Decisive Podcast Series Episode 15, the music is an eclectic influence of African beats, dub house & techno inspired by my holiday vacation to Zanzibar Africa. I am excited about the results from people around the world that apparently enjoy the series. I would like to know what you think? Your support is greatly appreciated, so click “like” “Follow” and there are three places to post your comments here on the website and here: My website – Roberto Ingram and to download go to Podomatic and iTunes.

Decisive Podcast 14

Hey Everyone,
Its Wednesday August 14, 2012, and you listening to the decisive podcast 14 with Roberto Ingram. Today`s show will be more music than words and the flow deals with mid paced moderation of sound scapes vs beats & bass with a bit of crunch and punch. Decisive 14 is a current reflection of my emotions from deep inside and I am happy to express my feelings to you through a mystical music journey. Listen & Enjoy  R.Q.I  You can download this podcast here: Decisive 14


Decisive Podcast 13 by Roberto Ingram

Hello Decisive listeners,
Its Wednesday April 25th 2012
Today’s music session grooves steadily and fluctuates in and around deep & dark house – electronica – techno and mind you music emphasis on Deep.
Decisive 13 will test your imagination..
I hope you enjoy the choice selection
The track list is fairly unusual stuff from underground producers like:
 Sailor Mood
, Juan Atkins
, Terrence Dixon, 
Rick Wilhite, 
Dario Zenker
, Just to name a few!
Look out for Roberto q. Ingram feat. on”Come into the light” Dj Chus remix, it is getting mad club & festival play by Ritchie Hawtin.

OM records Says:
”Come Into The Light” is the second single from Wagon Cookin’s highly anticipated fourth album, which is scheduled to come out April 2011.
”Come Into The Light” is a solid, retro-futuristic, uplifting and fresh banger featuring Roberto. Q. Ingram on vocals, a charismatic artist born and raised in Los Angeles.

Thank you very much for listening. Please post your comments, tell me what you think? Roberto Q. Ingram  Download Here:

april 9 2012