Out on December 23, 2013 “Family & Friends Reflective Ep.” Various Artist Ep.

Disko Massaka is back with it´s last release, a widely diverse flow of quality club music in titled The various artists – REFLECTIVE E.P., which comes to you on time for the Christmas holidays and before we say goodbye to 2013. The release is available in digital format on December 23, 2013 ” Just Click here to buy at Beatport.!

The reflective ep, introduces talented expressionistic artists like Roberto Q Ingram, Carlos Mendes, Dee Green, Active Line Six, Damir Ludvig, who put great originality value in their productions each with its own time and place on the dance floor. From the synth driven deep groovy house vibe of Roberto Q. Ingram, the pumping tech house track of Damir Ludvig and finally the late night techno or tech house monster of Dee Green, Active Line Six or Carlos Mendes and they ain’t leaving no ground uncovered by the end of 2013.

More about the release is also here on facebook.


Labor Draussen In Der Stadt

JULY 28, 2013 Summer happening again with the Labor Family.

Roberto Q. Ingram on “Circle Music Radio Show”










Friday September 28, 2012 – Listen 14:00 -15:00 Pm to Circle Music Radio Show “Mixtape on Sceen. FM,   featuring your truly “Roberto Q. Ingram in the mix. My dj presentation is titled “Basement Junkies” mixed with vinyl & digital to capture an organic feeling and the selection of music pays respect to some of my favorite underground producers at the moment, such as A Made Up Sound, Midland, G. Marcell, Christopher Rau & Summand & Dot just to name a few. The idea of the Basement Junkies sound is relatively simple “Give the listener a deep groovy, chunky tech mix of oldschool/modern junk to vibe & step to” Thanks to my friend Alex Flatner for inviting me to take part in his radio show, Alex and I worked together releasing techno under the project Flatner/Ingram project in 1999-2003 on Black Nation USA & Equator UK. A little about Sceen.FM
The culture of electronic music has no borders and in addition to the enthusiasm for music are the themes of fashion, nightlife, art, event, travel, digital lifestyle and the latest trends, Sceen.FM always focused their target audience. As a premium provider`s high quality content and features in the field of international electronic music culture.           

As a reminder please post your comments, like and follow me on facebook, soundclound, , podomatic, resident advisor and of course here on my website. Thanks for listening and of course your support. Roberto Q. Ingram




Decisive Podcast 15 – The Africian Inspired Episode










Listen in on October 17 2012 to Decisive Podcast 15. I have been producing my by monthly podcast for Inspiration Network since mid 2009, in titled “Decisive Podcasts Series” by Roberto Q. Ingram. The series of mixes are conceived to give you an idea of what music I enjoy playing and its only the beginning. More episodes will continue every other month till the end of the year. I hope you will listen and embrace the various artists and styles of music I feel to be significant.                

Listen in on October 17 2012  to Decisive Podcast Series Episode 15, the music is an eclectic influence of African beats, dub house & techno inspired by my holiday vacation to Zanzibar Africa. I am excited about the results from people around the world that apparently enjoy the series. I would like to know what you think? Your support is greatly appreciated, so click “like” “Follow” and there are three places to post your comments here on the website and here: My website – Roberto Ingram and to download go to Podomatic and iTunes.

Trust that it is only “How you think”

Your roots combined with who you are today helps you to be content & humble. Which makes your world a much better place. So be happy and be glad while you are in it. Roberto Q. Ingram

Myles Sergé Sessions | On Future Music Radio Station

Roberto here folks I am on air Saturday March 3rd. check my session. Saturday, March 3, 2012 – 7:00pm until 9:00pm. ONLINE AT WWW.FUTURE – MUSIC.CO.UK 7pm – 9pm EST (12am-2am U.K. and 1am -3am in Spain. Myles wrote: Well hello again boys and girls… Welcome back to The Myles Sergé Sessions on what? You know…. Future Music!!! This week I have the pleasure of bring you the superb sounds of Mr. Roberto Ingram. Last summer I had the opportunity to play with Roberto at Freerotation in Wales and I must say that this man can put it down! But don’t take my word for it… Check it out for yourself!!!

Roberto Ingram: I enjoy more of the taste maker sound parallel to the past, present & of deep emotional, funky, dark groovy, sexy, energetic underground music and on Saturday March 3, 2012 this is what you can expect and without compromise.


WERK+SCHAU zur 1. Munich Creative Business Week

Was für ein Happening: Bei der WERK+SCHAU zur 1. Munich Creative
Business Week am Mittwoch, den 08. Februar 2012, liefert BUERO GELB ab 17 Uhr Einblicke in die „Produktion von Ideen“ und führt durch begehbare „Denkräume“.
Als „Denker im Dienst“ stoppt der provokante Ästhetik-Professor
Dr. sc. tc. h.c.
BAZON BROCK ab 19 Uhr die „Produktion“ und philosophiert laut und live über das Thema
Polemik, Pädagogik, Propaganda
Die säkulare Dreifaltigkeit der Kommunikation
Lass Dich inspirieren vom „letzten Generalisten der Deutschen“
(Der Spiegel).

Ab 17 Uhr: Denkraum-Begehung (unter anderem mit feldkommunika-
tion im raum, Seduced Session, Schöner Scheitern und Social Soup)
Ab 19 Uhr: Action Teaching mit Prof. Dr. sc. tc. h.c. Bazon Brock
Ab 20 Uhr: Get together, Talks, Drinks & Music
Ort: Buero Gelb GmbH Die Kommunikateure, Einsteinstraße 28, München
It’s happening, it’s a happening!

Anmeldung: Falls Ihr das „verbale Schleudertrauma“ mitnehmen wollt,
schnellstens eine E-Mail an Die Plätze sind limitiert.