Impressive Tune Feature #1 on Friday, 15. November 2019

Roberto Ingram – Impressive Tune Feature #1 on Decisive Radio Show Friday, 15. November 2019 Hello, everyone, I am very excited to be back with a new attitude, focus and something to share with you all. After my return from Amsterdam ADE Music Event last month, I brought back some inspiring motivational, questions, and answers that I have voluntarily excepted this input and determined that it’s a great reason to keep things moving forward, in doing what I love to do, that’s to inspire & entertain others. So let’s get this show on the road baby. 

We welcome to the program our good friend, dj, producer, Guest Mike SON SON. Also know as SON SON and of course Decisive Own: Jackmaster Rob, Roberto Ingram

Moderated By George Walden, Our good friend and colleague D* will back with us another day. (Something like this)


I thought I would share some amazing pieces of music in which I find too interesting in many different ways. Of course, depending on your mood, mindset or taste, you will also find something great from each one of the tracks, songs or compositions, that I will play for you now. My first Impressive & Inspiring Tunes Feature is by:

  • Malcolm – Gamelonia Dusk – Radiance Lp (my personally autographed vinyl copy i got at ADE 2019).
  • Author – Forward Forever LP – Innovate – Navy Cut
  • Floating Points – Bias 
  • Neinzer – Horus – (Break Bass Dub) – Patina Echoes 
  • Frits Wentink – Stealth – Space Babe Clone records
  • TRIBEZ. x Maniac – Fire feat. AG, El da Sensei & Pawz One (Hip Hop)
  • Theo Parrish – Strawberry Dragon – Sound Signature 
  • Hieroglyphic Being – Synth Expressionism / Rhythmic LP on On The Corner Records
  • Lori Wakasa – Rave in A Village – Sound Of Vast Records 
  • Seofon – The Delph Ep – track is called “Paseq” Transmigration Records
  • Tymotica – Galaxies Of Dust – Ruffhouse Records (Munich Based Label)

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