Music The Universal Language – LF Sketch 001 this week on Timeline Music.

Hello Everyone Big Ups!

Friday, November 01, 2019, 7 pm-9 pm Germany CET 19:00 Uhr – 21Uhr. It’s that time again for Music The Universal Language L F – Sketch 001 this week on Timeline Music Show, I will be trying something a bit different than my traditional djing technic on this particular live stream. I will be incorporating a few pieces of my external gear, along with vinyl & Traktor pro 3 with some creative sampling. This episode will be nothing too complicated but it will be fun, inspiring to see and listen. I carefully selected tracks that are pretty amazing in their own right and as for the musical content, I won’t say, only to save the element of surprise “I Plead The Fifth”. Have an awesome week & I hope you will Join Friday on Timeline Music, Peace! #traktorpro3, #vinyl, #sampling, #nativeinstrumentsmaschine, #digital, #livestream, #djset.

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