Decisive Podcast Series Family & Members.

Hello Again Decisive Family & Members,
Thanks to everyone of you who takes the time out of your busy schedule to listen to what is happening in the Decisive Podcast Series. I am pleased with the progress but there is more work to be done and as we continue to get better I hope that we can expand to a bigger global out reach. It would help if you could share each and every podcast that you like. Lets us know if your satisfied with what you get.

The decisive podcast series is about independent artist, crafty sound with an artistic vision. The podcast is not only for experienced talented stars but for fresh young talent that have no fear for taking a risk to challenge the listeners imagination on all musical levels without compromise. The turn Family are those Artists that have contributed their time at some point and Members are those of you that support artists that work hard to give you the best musical experince possible.

For Music We Live,
Your Host Roberto Q. Ingram

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Next booking SA_29.4.17 @ 15 years Palais Club Munich

Hello my Music lovers,
I will be manning the decks with a pulverizing set of quality music from Detroit-Chicago-london-Munich and beyond & the Mic will be open for me to freestyle at my leisure, on Saturday 29.4.17 after hours at 15 years Birthday of Palais Club Munich. The celebration will be a wild one with 12 djs bringing the heat morning, noon and night, so fasten your shoelaces tight and be fit to hit the dance nonstop.

April 28 – May 1, Apr 28 at 11:59 PM to May 1 at 3 PM

Ray Okpara (AMA Recordings / Mobilee / Mannheim)
Enne (Electunes / München)
DJ Sonic (Palais / Amused Rec.)
Lena Bart (Palais / PARDON!)

Roberto Ingram (Decisive Podcast Series / Chiwax / München)
Jens Bond (Cadenza Lab / Suruba / Luzern)
Sandra Gold (Palais / Discotribe / bnfmusic)
George Bleicher (Palais / W▸ PLAY)

Benno Blome (Sender Records / Berlin)
Poenitsch & Jakopic (Disco Art / Karmaloft / Palais)
DJ Linus (Sujet Musique)
Ricardo Pielok (Discotribe)

Arnulfstraße 16-18, 80335 Munich, Germany

Check Out My Latest Decisive Podcast Dj Mix

Hello thanks for checking me out here on my website, Just in case you missed my latest dj mix for Decisive Podcast Series Special #12, now you can now listen to complete mix on Here on Soundcloud



Its been a while since my last mix as I work a little slower than others but I am concentrated in my studio works with direct focus my own productions, voice jobs and sound design, entertainment consulting for Buero Gelb DIE KOMMUNIKATEURE here in Munich. So as you get older there is less of night life but better quality night life is what I prefer these days. Looking forward to springtime party gigs and I know its early but already and excited about what the summer brings us:-) I am really excited about the new release with my buddy Arttu Snellman in Berlin with me on the vocal duties, the ep comes out on vinyl in May 2017 on Matthew Herbert Label

A little about my mix! Today my music selection was recording from vinyl with an up pace preference, an on the fly approach then at the same time find my way through music instinctively to capture that momentary feeling. 
So we I ended up with a pretty tripped out program, Deep Techno, Minimal, Progressive Hypnotic collage. I hope you can find something you like in this experiment. I did :-)

Decisive Podcast Series – Tracklist 
01. Terrence Dixon – The Switch (Edit) – Tresor Records
02. Carl Craig Tres Demented Demented Drums
03. Mark Ambrose – Asteroids – Crayon 
04. Chris Carrier – Cats Eye Nubula – Sound Carrier
05. Disk – Bloomer – White loops
06. Chris Carrier – Galatica – Sound Carrier 
07. Howl Ensamble – A1 – Howl Ensamble
08. Scott Grooves – Hybrid Part – Natural Midi 
09. Howl Ensamble – B2 – Howl Ensamble
10. M.P – Why So Sophisticated – Bass Culture
11. Mark Ambose – Night Shift – Crayon
12. M.P – Dis Aint No Hip Hop – Bass Culture
13. Mark Ambose – Orlando Voorn Night Shift – Crayon
14. Chris Carrier – Holidays On Mars – Sound Carrier 
15. Einka & Terrence Dixon – B1 – Goldmin Music

Real quick shout out and a big thanks to everyone of you that have been supporting the podcast for this long, You know who you are. Also everyone that have sent me promos. Full Support on my next Decisive show in May.

Myles Serge over there in Grand Rapids, Michigan,
Eric Douglas Porter in the Bronx, NY, United States
Rennie Foster in Vancouver Canada 
Kosta Athanassiadis – Göttingen Germany 
Rob Hampton , Dj Spider – In Jersey City New Jersey -Plan B Recordings & Spider Music.
Leonard Posso – Berlin – Thema & Chronicle
Dario Zenker here in Munich – Iliantape
My man Stanny at Optimal Records – Munich
System Of Survival – Barcelona, Fventi & Soundscape
Dj Linus – Munich 
Jay Denham – Kalamazoo – Black Nation Recordings
Donnell knox – Poland – Sonic Mind
Petr Serkin in Moscow

Shout to my boy Skip also know as Wayne Da Skippa 
Sabine Hoffmann – Berlin
Sandra Gold – Disco Tribe
My Daniel Sun – For his listening support and sending cool tips.
My Boy Markus Mehta in Munich

With that said until the next podcast stay safe be positive and enjoy yourself in a big way. Peace Roberto Q. Ingram