Decisive Podcast Series Munich Resident Exclusive mixes

At this morning I will post the first episode of the Decisive Podcast Series Munich Resident Exclusive with other selected dj`s & producers invited to the program. Decisive Podcast Series is a the idea behind the project was originally created for me to record and present special uncompromised electronic music. Now it is time to combine quality talent and art with music, build a global network which includes not only internationally acknowledged DJs, but also producers, musicians, graphic designers and visual artists. This format is to exchange ideas, associate and have fun while introducing new and quality music to and eclectic audience. Check It Out Now “Decisive Podcast Munich Resident Special Episode one.”

“Its All About The Infrastructure” This is a freestyle mix untamed and purely radical.

Hello My Peoples, I was digging back into my dj mix collection and found this one.

I was relaxing one day after record shopping, “Something I have not done for while”, so I started up the decks and this is what came of it. The tracks selected are not by artist but by sound. Can You Dig It?

Soultrain Picture






Enjoy the ride, Roberto Ingram