Roberto Ingram@11 Year of Palais

11 Year Palais Private Club, This particular event will extend itself up to 18 hours straight through out Tage Der Arbeit or Labor Day from Tuesday 30-04-13 – Wednesday 31-05-13 in Munich Germany. My set will be Wednesday morning  between the hours of 11:00 am till 1:00 pm, It would be lovely to see your face amongst the crowd.

For more details: Palais Upcoming Events




Roberto`s Charts for May 2013

My Dj Chart for May 2013. For my taste I feel these tracks can be heard in your car, on you mp3 gadget while riding your bike but make no mistake they will make you dance in the club. Check the Vibe….

Chart for May 2013 Top 10

01. Moire Lose (Actress remix) Werkdiscs

02. North Lake Griswold Blank Slate

03. Dark Energy Atomic Witchdokta UR

04. Ivel Tax Scapat Disco Birds

05. Ivano Tetelepta & Alex Jansen Lemonade Beach Rue De Plaisance France

06. DJ Spider & Marshallito Full Spectrum Dominance SubBASS Sound System

07. Nail Ode Rammel EP Fear of Flying

08. Hinode The Out Enlighted Wax

09. Myles Sergé Breakfast With Audy iliantape

10. Daze Maxim Farbfilm Apollonia

I hope you enjoy this selected list of fine music. Peace Roberto