March 2nd, 2013 – Roberto Ingram back on Myles Sessions









March 2nd, 2013, be sure to listen to the Myles Serge` Sessions radio show, featuring yours truly Roberto Ingram.  Note: I will take you on a hypnotic sound dimension, landscapes, questionable to closed minded individuals. Expect current techno tracks fused and mangled with older stuff. Should be a stone cold trip. Lets see what becomes of it all:-). This guy Myles (owner of Saùre Musc Group) works his ass off for techno, which is why I look forward being back on the show. 

You will find more about Myles Serge` Sessions here on: Facebook page, Facebook events page.                                                                       

  • ONLINE AT….. WWW.FUTURE-MUSIC.CO.UK 12am – 2am U.K.(1am -3am in Europe). In the U.S. were on Saturday’s 7pm-9pm Eastern, 6pm-8pm Central, 5pm-7pm Mountain, and 4pm-6pm Pacific)
    ATTN!!!! THE SHOW IS THIS SATURDAY NIGHT at 12AM!!! which is actually SUNDAY… I hope this clears up the times and dates!!! (MS)

You will find more about the show here: