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Roberto here folks I am on air Saturday March 3rd. check my session. Saturday, March 3, 2012 – 7:00pm until 9:00pm. ONLINE AT WWW.FUTURE – MUSIC.CO.UK 7pm – 9pm EST (12am-2am U.K. and 1am -3am in Spain. Myles wrote: Well hello again boys and girls… Welcome back to The Myles Sergé Sessions on what? You know…. Future Music!!! This week I have the pleasure of bring you the superb sounds of Mr. Roberto Ingram. Last summer I had the opportunity to play with Roberto at Freerotation in Wales and I must say that this man can put it down! But don’t take my word for it… Check it out for yourself!!!

Roberto Ingram: I enjoy more of the taste maker sound parallel to the past, present & of deep emotional, funky, dark groovy, sexy, energetic underground music and on Saturday March 3, 2012 this is what you can expect and without compromise.


Wagon Cookin’ – Come Into the Light feat. Roberto Q. Ingram (Part 2) SNM-022








Wagon Cookin’ – Come Into the Light feat. Roberto Q. Ingram (Part 2) will be out in a few weeks, thanks to the guys at OM records USA for making it all happen. The remixers included in this package are:

1) Chus & Ceballos Remix
2) Chus & Ceballos Dub
3) Ammie Graves Remix
4) The Cruising Remix
5) Original

Released in the Autumn/Fall of 2011, Wagon Cookin’s fourth studio album ‘Eleven’ received critical acclaim from both press and A-list DJs, while consumers lapped up the retro 80’s approach taken by Spanish brothers Javier and Luis Garayalde. One of the album’s standout tracks ‘Come Into The Light’, featuring the vocals of Roberto Q. Ingram, served as a teaser for what was to follow when it was initially released back in February 2011, and now Part 2 delivers fresh takes from Chus & Ceballos, Ammie Graves and The Cruising.

I will be able to post the samples of the release very soon, so come back here to my webpage. Greetz Roberto

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 If you read my bio and made your way to the sentence about me dancing on world known “Soultrain” quoted as The hippest trip in the USA since the 70`s. You can become a  fan to recap the past video`s , pic´s, chats and conversations going on about the show these days. I am truly morning the lost of Mr. Don Cornelius! R.I.P.

Der Ideen Laden at Munich Creative Business Week 08-02-2012

Der Schalter ist umgelegt. Die Maschinen produzieren. Ideen. 4 D. 3 D. 2 D. 1 D. Oder auch ganz ohne D. Nur im Kopf. Greifbar ohne zu sehen. Sehbar ohne zu spüren. Spürbar ohne zu fühlen. Fühlbar ohne zu denken. Undenkbar.  

Willkommen in der Werk+Schau 01: 

Zwischenraum: feldstudy
Oliver Franken dekliniert unser Treppenhaus.

Denkraum: Seduced Sessions
Roberto Q. Ingram, Oliver Morgenroth und Michael Schuster loopen Organic Sound Collages.

Gedankengang: Sassy Scratch
Petra Beeking bricht Linien mit dem Raum.

Kraftraum: Schöner Scheitern
Andreas Klauke, Philipp Catterfeld und Michael Matthes päppeln zum Scheitern bedrohte Kreative auf.

Essraum: Social Soup
Die Projektisten schlürfen Kreativität in Suppenform. Und setzen Projekte auf die Couch.

Kunstraum: Blau
Mr. J spricht nicht. Mr. J muss nicht. Mr. J liegt. Rum. Seine Art ist einzigartig. The artist is present.

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