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Decisive Radio Show & Podcast Series


Hello Friends and Music Lovers,
This group is created to connect with you, to build our fan base and to conduct an open dialogue of communication with you and your friends, concerning the musical pathway we have chosen here for The Decisive Podcast Series. We are excited that the series has been developing slowly but steady with the help of chosen artist/musician/DJs who have been engaging and supportive along the way.

Our modus operandi is to present a high-quality music podcast/radio show that combines pieces of information that direct attention to the art of expression, through the lens of the artist/musician/DJs, who take the risk of introducing a fresh selection of music that challenges the listener’s imagination. Music for those with an open mind. Music that is electric, soulful, funky, hard, soft, groovy or broken. The series also supports cool events, local and worldwide, because after all sharing this can lead to more creativity and social awareness.

So please feel free to add your questions, constructive comments & topics surrounding all things music. Most important support the talents that work hard for the Decisive Podcast Series. How to do that? Follow us

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Music The Universal Language Live Stream Aug. 01, 2018

I am excited to be a part of the Timeline Music dj team.
Tune in to my live stream program called “Music The Universal Language”, its my Bi Monthly mix show, from 8pm – 10pm, beginning Wednesday August 01, 2018, without music boundaries and anything goes. Thanks to Keith Anderson and Marley Cole who is one of a growing group of Timeline DJs and producers who are spreading their love of quality underground electronic music across the internet with regular shows and performances every week. Focusing on building the station with new recruits to the rota, along with the loyal support of the previous artists and listeners.
Big ups to Leah Floyeurs for the tip.

Decisive Radio Show

Decisive Radio Show on Radio 80000
We are 7 years strong and moving forward in steps, Starting July 20th and every third Friday of each month we will be live streaming on Radio 80k – in Munich. In the same Decisive podcast concept series fashion and we are inviting you to be part of the program. Passion For The Music Is Of Most Importance.
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ADE Wednesday October 18-21 2017

Hello Partners & Friends, I will be at the Amsterdam Music Event on Wednesday October 18th till Saturday October 21 till 6:00 pm. Lets make time to connect. I am directly in the center of the event so it should be easy to schedule a meeting point. PM Me Facebook or email or WhatsApp.

In Best Regards, Roberto Q. Ingram


Roberto Ingram – Decisive Podcast Series (Vinyl Only)

You can now listen Your Host Roberto Q. Ingram electric mix for next two hours, to most that know me you will find that I approached this set slightly off the cusp to what you may expect from me. Be it as it may, it is now strange motivating times we are living in, with our world leaders choosing to attempted to concur and divide us grateful loving caring human beings that put them where they are. By no means am I trying to create bad vibes because I have always believed in peace, respect, optimism and positive for as long as I can remember. So today I have selected music for this podcast based on what I am feeling about the chaos noise and confusion that we are faced with in these modern times.

Today I decided to let off some steam because if you never let loose your bound to explode, So prepare your self for music that is organized chaos, driven and up front. Note: I will surly get the track list out to you shortly. I hope you enjoy this program because it may not be for everyone :-)
Peace To The World!!
Roberto Ingram

Wednesday, 27. September 2017
Roberto Ingram Decisive Podcast Series Guest Mix
Tracklist: Vinyl Only
01. Drexciya (700 million years from earth) Aqualung
02. Spesimen (P.S.I.O)Infocalypse recordings
03. Bryan Zentz (Dollhouse) Electrixrecords
04. Mr. De (Shake It Baby) ElectroFunk
05. Aux88 (We are the Future) Submerge
06. Mr. De (Stretchin Out) Electrofunk
07. Supergrouples (Groupie) Sockett
08. B-tracker vs D.Bakel (Miniute Man) Fieber
09. Rhythm Division (Spectra) Whole Nine Yards
10. Martyn (Head High Mix) 3024
11. Ghost Stories Test Recordings
12. R-Damski & Bombing ‘F’ Don’t Stop The Rock
13. Jack Le Track (Archiplex) Atak
14. Lars B. Unknown Substance E.P. Bliss
15. Anthony Rother (Dont Stop The Beat) PSI49-3
16. Elektrolux (Mas 2008) De Cyphered Music
17. Etch (Chemotaxis) Unearthed Sounds
18. Hodge (No Single Thing) Livity Sound
19. SMBD (Moon Theory Ep) Apron
21. Skee Mask (Kappelberg Chant) IlIantape Series
22. Hodge (Pea Soup) Livity Sounds
23. Cummihz (8AM groove) Clasp
24. Aubrey (Space Jazz) Barba
25. Steevio (Perthynas) Mindtours
26. SW Beat Mix 45
27. Cummihz (Acid Jazz) Clasp
28. Matthew Herbert (Brand New Love Rmx) Hypercolour 29. Martin Carlier (Terminal 1) Rauh
30. Wild Planet (Octave) 430 West