April 8, 2020

April 12 I 6PM-8PM CET / Roberto Ingram Live Stream

To everyone around the globe.
I know your feeling challenged and so am I. At least we share the same humanitarian issue, we all have to overcome together. Get closer to help & understanding one another!

I have been wanting to do this live stream for sometime but not only to play music for you, instead to get closer in mind body and spirit during our lock down period. Coronavirus (FU). Feel free to tune in and share the moment with me.

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December 29, 2019

I want to wish everyone a wonderful New Year!

To my Friends, Colleagues, Associates, Fans, Its 2020 in our mist and what does this mean? According to wikipedia, 2020 (MMXX) will be a leap year starting on Wednesday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2020th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 20th year of the 3rd millennium, the 20th year of the 21st century, and the 1st year of the 2020s decade.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful, inspiring, prosperous, peaceful, creative New Year!

Roberto Ingram the son of Veronica Ingram, the brother of Aranetta, the father of Shonda Tenise Ingram and the Granddaughter of Abbie & Zoe Blunt.

December 20, 2019

Decisive Radio Show #17

Listen to the Decisive Radio Show, Friday December 20th from 8pm-11pm on radio8000k


We can’t thank you enough for your continued support, weather it was a follow, like, comment or just taking the time from your busy day to explore our music, artists, djs and what we are all about here at Decisive. Music, Entertaining, Passion, Love, Equality. 

2019 is soon behind us, then 2020 opens different doors to new exciting challenges and adventures. Let’s see what our universe provides. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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December 20, 2019

MTUVL LF 002 Live stream – Roberto Ingram

Music The Universal Language LF 002 Live stream is available for you. My main objective is to organise a improvisational workflow to my dj set using hardware, digital tools, sampling and records. This is not a idea its only a different approach to music with my own personal touch. I hope you can feel my vibe as I will continue this project in 2020 and keep you posted as it progresses.

To view the live stream ClICK HERE Music The Universal Language LF 002 Live stream !


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November 21, 2019

My Live Stream “MTUVL Dj Live Sketch 001”

Hello Friends & Underground Music Lovers, I want to share with you “Music The Universal Language” is my bi monthly live Dj mix on Timeline Music uK. This is my chance to entertain you with my very own personal flavour of sound I am feeling in the current moment. Thanks to all of you that listened on November 1st 2019 and watched. If you missed the live stream video feed, you can watch it now. I hope you enjoy it. Click Here 

 There is more to come! Facebook:   #timelinemusic#korg#nativeinstruments,#boss#bigsky#livesampling#djmix#performace 

November 11, 2019

Save The Date, Decisive Podcast & Radio, Every 3rd Friday !

Decisive Podcast & Radio is created to connect with you, to build our fan base to conduct an open dialogue of communication with you and your friends, concerning the musical pathway we have chosen. We are excited that the series has been developing slowly but steady with the contribution of chosen artist/musician/DJs who have been engaging and supportive along the way. 

Our modus operandi is to present a high-quality music podcast/radio show that combines pieces of information that direct attention to the freedom & art of expression, through the lens of our artist/musician/DJs, who take the risk of introducing a fresh selection of music that challenges the listener’s imagination. Music for those with an open mind. Music that is electric, soulful, funky, hard, soft, eclectic groovy or broken. The series also supports cool events, local and worldwide, because after all sharing this can lead to more creativity and social awareness. 

Your support is necessary, so feel free to add your questions, constructive comments & topics surrounding all things music. Most important support the talents that work hard for the Decisive Podcast & Radio Series. How to do that? Follow us 

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November 11, 2019

Impressive Tune Feature #1 on Friday, 15. November 2019

Roberto Ingram – Impressive Tune Feature #1 on Decisive Radio Show Friday, 15. November 2019 Hello, everyone, I am very excited to be back with a new attitude, focus and something to share with you all. After my return from Amsterdam ADE Music Event last month, I brought back some inspiring motivational, questions, and answers that I have voluntarily excepted this input and determined that it’s a great reason to keep things moving forward, in doing what I love to do, that’s to inspire & entertain others. So let’s get this show on the road baby. 

We welcome to the program our good friend, dj, producer, Guest Mike SON SON. Also know as SON SON and of course Decisive Own: Jackmaster Rob, Roberto Ingram

Moderated By George Walden, Our good friend and colleague D* will back with us another day. (Something like this)


I thought I would share some amazing pieces of music in which I find too interesting in many different ways. Of course, depending on your mood, mindset or taste, you will also find something great from each one of the tracks, songs or compositions, that I will play for you now. My first Impressive & Inspiring Tunes Feature is by:

  • Malcolm – Gamelonia Dusk – Radiance Lp (my personally autographed vinyl copy i got at ADE 2019).
  • Author – Forward Forever LP – Innovate – Navy Cut
  • Floating Points – Bias 
  • Neinzer – Horus – (Break Bass Dub) – Patina Echoes 
  • Frits Wentink – Stealth – Space Babe Clone records
  • TRIBEZ. x Maniac – Fire feat. AG, El da Sensei & Pawz One (Hip Hop)
  • Theo Parrish – Strawberry Dragon – Sound Signature 
  • Hieroglyphic Being – Synth Expressionism / Rhythmic LP on On The Corner Records
  • Lori Wakasa – Rave in A Village – Sound Of Vast Records 
  • Seofon – The Delph Ep – track is called “Paseq” Transmigration Records
  • Tymotica – Galaxies Of Dust – Ruffhouse Records (Munich Based Label)

Your support is necessary, so feel free to add your questions, constructive comments & topics surrounding all things music. Most important support the talents that work hard for the Decisive Podcast & Radio Series. How to do that? Follow us Links: SON SON ,,,

November 1, 2019

Music The Universal Language – LF Sketch 001 this week on Timeline Music.

Hello Everyone Big Ups!

Friday, November 01, 2019, 7 pm-9 pm Germany CET 19:00 Uhr – 21Uhr. It’s that time again for Music The Universal Language L F – Sketch 001 this week on Timeline Music Show, I will be trying something a bit different than my traditional djing technic on this particular live stream. I will be incorporating a few pieces of my external gear, along with vinyl & Traktor pro 3 with some creative sampling. This episode will be nothing too complicated but it will be fun, inspiring to see and listen. I carefully selected tracks that are pretty amazing in their own right and as for the musical content, I won’t say, only to save the element of surprise “I Plead The Fifth”. Have an awesome week & I hope you will Join Friday on Timeline Music, Peace! #traktorpro3, #vinyl, #sampling, #nativeinstrumentsmaschine, #digital, #livestream, #djset.

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November 1, 2019

October 31st 2019 “Happy Halloween”

Have a Happy But Spooky Halloween , Booooo Ahhhhhhh!.

August 19, 2019

Decisive Radio Show celebrates ONE YEAR of existence!

Dear Friends, Decisive Members, Colleagues & Music Lovers,
It’s a pleasure to announce that the Decisive Radio Show celebrates ONE YEAR of existence, love and sweat. From 18h – 22h we will be Live Streaming directly from the Spanplatte Club connected and through our lovely Radio 8000 home base next floor up. The purpose of this event is to spread our outreach to you and your friends who enjoy the endless passion for music that all our DJ’s and artist bring to the table. There will be a limited amount of tickets on the door and soon on pre sale of 8 euros to cover the cost of the event. Tickets:

Follow the live stream from anywhere around the world directly from our Facebook group Here:                                                              

Event Page Here:

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Line up:
Roberto Q. Ingram The Decisive series founder, Dj, Producer, Radio Host “Roberto Q. Ingram has been around the corner and back a few times humble with a likeable personality and no matter how big or small the occasion his sets are a bit eclectically upfront, sexually harassing & interprets some of the nastiest grooves. His objective is to entertain and submit examples of how music can be used to spread a positive message, yet at the same time with a moderate focus on progression an important. More Info: Jay Scarlett is a DJ and sound smith with British-Jamaican roots. His innovative Beat Dimensions compilations have taken him around the globe. He lives in Munich and is active as a DJ, promoter, and as a radio host for Puls, the Bayerischer Rundfunk’s youth channel. Jay`s club style is dynamic & second to non. More info: Hakim Murphy Aka “hm505. Chicago Native.
Haling from Chicago and crafty creating music sets using drum machines, synthesisers, and samplers. “hm505 Loves rhythms, harmonies, and melodies. With many releases under his belt His exclusive Chicago House Party live act is surely not to be missed! More Infos.,

Kim_Twiddle an amazing hard working all over Munich and abroad, her expertise in (electronic) music and live acts is outstanding and always performed with 100% passion. She loves to play vinyl and some people call her Dj. She consistently devotes herself to interweaving music with elements from all the arts, constantly creating dramatic productions, performances and events with others. Twiddledidooh.


Ludwig Rausch / Dots. – Munich Together with Alex Cristea he runs the label DOTS. Music in Munich and is known for its notorious Trip To Bermuda sessions. Their home base is the Pascha, Palais and in the new Sunday Club Ludwig Rausch can often be found again.

Marco Wachs / RFR / IWW – Regensburg. A young talent that you should keep an eye on. Released on the Munich labels IWW and RFR. Marco is known from the MMA, Rote Sonne and Harry Klein. More Info: Facebook, –