March 2, 2015 | Roberto Ingram@Rotesonne Electronic Soul Event on March 12th 2015

ROBERTO INGRAM Playtime: 11:00 – 12:30.

It will be a blast jamming with the guys Markus Mehta, Alex Cristea, Flo Scheuer Gozila Lymati. I will be opening so get there early! Mood Vibe and Good Music is on the menu.
Here you can find more information about the event:

Electronic Soul Rotesonne.

My Fan Page:

March 12

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February 22, 2015 | Heilbronn Germany Gig at Bukowski-live Feb. 28, 2015

It`s nice to join my home girl Sandra again, we will be getting deck wild on, FEB 28 at click here – TAKE ME BABY | BUKO CALLING in Bukowski-live.
You can expect a serious selection of cutting edge music for your ass.
Come join in on the fun!
Peep you on the party floor Baby. :-)
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February 8, 2015 | March 20, 2015 at Palais Munich with Roberto Q. Ingram

Hello Peeps,

I hope to see you on the dance floor March 20, 2015 at Palais Munich with Roberto Q. Ingram, Sandra Gold and Stefan. Delivering some sweet music to keep ya movin and Groovin. The website is here:

Thanks for your support,


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| SA 28.02.15 Come to hear ROBERTO Q. INGRAM (Chiwax / Om Records)

SA 28.02.15:
ROBERTO Q. INGRAM (Black Nation / Om Records)

SANDRA GOLD (Discotribe / Palais / München)

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February 7, 2015 |

Hello Music Enthusiast World Wide, Its February 4th 2015, This is The Decisive Podcast#7 Black History Month Edition. I am your host Roberto Q. Ingram. Welcome to the Decisive Podcast Black History Month Special#7 featuring music by a young African american by the name of Afrikan Sciences (aka Eric Porter). Thanks for listen and I hope you enjoy the program.







Tracklist for Decisive podcast #7 special, THE DREAMERS DISCO UNDERSTANDING.
Malena Perez – The Dreamer
Theo Parrish – Be in Yo Self
The Maghreban – MT707
Succulent Sounds – Trueflower
Jay Daniel – Brainz
Tettory Bad ft Shea Soul – Its Ur time
T.P. Orchestre – Hwe Tuwe Hun
Beat Spacek – Tonite
Heidi Vogel – Turn Up The Quiet (IG Culture remix)
Nubian Mindz – Good Vibez
Afrikan Sciences – Understand Build Destroy To Make Born
HDADD – SailorAlex
Attias ft Colonel Red – Finding Who We Are

Thank you for the interview Afrikan Sciences

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January 7, 2015 | Feel Soul Real Feat. Roberto Q. Ingram on CHIWAX 006 LTD – ARTTU – HIGHT TIME WOBBLES EP

2015 is starting off right with my first vocal collaboration with my buddy Arttu in Berlin.The CHIWAX release “HIGHT TIME WOBBLES EP” comes out in Feburary 2015 so do not sleep on it, pre order yours today. here at DBH Music

Listen To It Here:





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December 23, 2014 | I am excited that I was able to give my podcast page a Brand New Look.











Decisive Podcast Series has a new face lift and I hope you like it. As we enter the holiday season with 2015 just around the corner. I wish you and your families the Very Best For Christmas. 2015 is dedicated to passion, music progression & production to better entertain the global Decisive Podcast Followers. Thanks For Your Support, Roberto Q. Ingram (Your Host). Check It Out Here.

Do me a favor and take a look and interact, your likes and feedback would be great!



Seasons Greetings Snowflake Marquee




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DP 14sm










My name is Roberto Q. Ingram from Los Angeles, living in Munich Germany. I wanted introduce myself to you as a music lover since 27 year as well as dj, producer/remixer.

I have been producing my by monthly podcast for Inspiration Network since mid 2009, in titled “Decisive Podcast Series”, The series of mixes are conceived to give you an idea of how quality electronic music can open your mind and hopefully effect your emotions differently at any given time. The next episodes expands globally with music mixes by Roberto Q. Ingram and with carefully selected guest talent world wide. Two to three times per month depending on the work load in 2015. I hope you will listen and embrace the various artists and styles of music I feel to be significant.

listen & Interact! Give your comments about the my podcast, Like, Follow and spread the word.

I am excited about the results from people around the world that apparently enjoy the series of “Decisive Podcast Series Exclusive by Roberto Q. Ingram. I would like to know what you think? Thanks for your support.

Contact me:
Facebook Music Page

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December 17, 2014 |

Hello Listeners, I am your host Roberto Ingram and I find it humbling that each artist I have reached out to do the work has been so positive and pleased to be a part of the Decisive podcast show. So in 2015, I will raise the bar to special international guest as well.

We could use your likes for Decisive Podcast Series Munich Resident Exclusive.
Listen, Download and You like this.  Thanks for the feedback!
See others you’ve liked
Today I am happy to invite to this episode of Decisive podcast Munich Exclusive #3, Benna(Harry Klein Resident) a warm hearted guy and a music lover to the core.

itunes pic


Interview in full

Born and raised?
Munich Motor City
When did you start djing?

About the age of 15 I bought my first dance music records and one Technic 1200 turntable, 2 years later I bought another turntable and a ECLER mixer.

Do you have another profession?

I worked as a Booker for Gigolo Records in 2004. Later I established my own agency. After 2 years of working successfully as a one man agency I joined forces with Harry Klein Club and Harry Klein Booking was born.
7 years later till this day we outsource the agency and renamed it Vice Versa Agency, where I still do logistics.
3 years ago I started working with kids as an educator at an after school care club I work there part time but this is my main profession.

Track list and why you chose the tracks?

I lock myself for hours on the weekend and do the mix for these series. I am not sure yet in which direction it will go now at the moment. I am curious myself winking
What Artist is an inspiration to you?

Lots of different artists from different genres inspiring me. I listen so many different styles of music that I could fill pages when I start writing down names. I always listen to the records I am buying and on my phone I listened the new Andy Stott album often, the new album from 2562 and Shabazz Palaces (which I saw live for the second time, 2 weeks ago in Munich).
Favorite label?

There are lots of labels I appreciate for their output so it`s impossible for me to say this or that is my favorite one. When we talk about buying music online I would say that Clone and Hardwax have a great pre-selection for my taste. And of course I spend a lot money at Discogs.
Favorite club you have played?

I think that a good party night (or day) rises and falls with the people on the dance floor. The first gig that comes to my mind right now when I think about breathtaking locations I´ve played at was a gig at the rooftop on the 60th or something floor in Panama City. Unfortunately the party itself was not that special as the location.    
Are you producing or any planned releases?

I still spend some time producing  but no release is planned.  
What do you think about the Munich Underground Club Scene?

Over the last 10 years we have got a lot of good clubs for electronic music. I leave the debate about underground up to you guys out there – I don`t care about that.
What is your primary source to play music (vinyl,digital,USB,cd)?

I still buy a lot of records and I love to play them. Unfortunately it`s often rather difficult to have proper running turntables and needles in the DJ Booth. Of course I also play music from USB-Stick or CD`s.
What can your fans expect to hear in your Dj sets?

Good music of course (in my opinion least). I guess the best word to describe it would be eclectic and of course it depends on playtime at the club or party.

Decisive podcast Track list:
01. Slim „Your Chair“
02. Jouem „Hyperion“
03. Frank & Tony “Companion”
04. John Daly “Move”
05. Ralph Lawson & Tuccillo “Lost in Dub”
06. North Lake “Marlborol Noir”
Miajica “Space-Future-Communication”
07. SDC “Angel Grove”
08. Crooked Man “Try Me”
09. Edward ”Skating Beats”
10. John Swing “Funky Thoughts”
11. Tophat & Art Alfie “5:56 Tool”
12. Lo Shea “Home”
13. The Lost Kid “Southern Discomfort”
14. Bedouin “Indecision”
15. Losoul “Lies”
16. 2562 “Utopia’”

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November 26, 2014 | Decisive Podcast Series Munich Resident Exclusive mixes

At this morning I will post the first episode of the Decisive Podcast Series Munich Resident Exclusive with other selected dj`s & producers invited to the program. Decisive Podcast Series is a the idea behind the project was originally created for me to record and present special uncompromised electronic music. Now it is time to combine quality talent and art with music, build a global network which includes not only internationally acknowledged DJs, but also producers, musicians, graphic designers and visual artists. This format is to exchange ideas, associate and have fun while introducing new and quality music to and eclectic audience. Check It Out Now “Decisive Podcast Munich Resident Special Episode one.”

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November 17, 2014 | “Its All About The Infrastructure” This is a freestyle mix untamed and purely radical.

Hello My Peoples, I was digging back into my dj mix collection and found this one.

I was relaxing one day after record shopping, “Something I have not done for while”, so I started up the decks and this is what came of it. The tracks selected are not by artist but by sound. Can You Dig It?

Soultrain Picture






Enjoy the ride, Roberto Ingram

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September 12, 2014 | Studio Month

I am in a swell mood these days. There are quite a few promising developments underway. Totally excited. So studio this month is full. I am now writing text for singing and spoken word works for producers Arttu Snellman and Alex Flatner for our techno project release since 2003. The combination of our talents will be something you all will appreciate.


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September 10, 2014 | I will be playing in Munich September 20th, 2014


Roberto Q. Ingram – After Hour Set
(OM Rec. / Disko Massaka / München)

DJ Enne (electunes Rec / München) – 3am-7am

SMC – 12am-3am

Arnulfstraße 16-18
80335 München
Hauptbahnhof Nord

 Palais 20th






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September 8, 2014 | Lofi For Your HiFi Future Music London Radio Mix By Roberto Q. Ingram

Here is the track list for a dj mix I did for MEmy buddy “Myles Serge” years back.

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August 14, 2014 | KeredCast 219: Roberto Q. Ingram

KeredCast 219 Featuring: Roberto Q. Ingram












Part One: Featured Tracks Mixed and Hosted by Kered

01. Daniel Avery – Knowing We’ll Be Here (KiNK Remix) [Phantasy]
02. All Is Well – La Valse De La Pertinence [Endless]
03. Gardens of God – Voices From The Past [BOSO]
04. Paride Saraceni – Dissolute [Snatch!]
05. Clarian – Dinosaurs In Space [Play It, Say It]
06. Chymera – Shadowdancer (Gregor Tresher Remix) [Break New Soil]

Part Two: Superstar Guest Mix with Roberto Q. Ingram

Exclusive guest mix: Linear Rhythm Structures
Track list featued artists from Detroit, Romainia and more:

Population  Metroplex – A1 Musical Promises
Terrence Dixon  Final Sessions  B1  To the bridge
Population One  Metroplex  A1 Starting Over
Terrence Dixon  Final Sessions  A1 Starting Over
Population One  Metroplex  A2 The Jazz Student
Fred P – Final Sessions – B2 Circuit
Barac A Marea Neagra – Many variations   Romaina  long side
Barac C Fram Ursul Polar  long side
Barac B1 Does it float
Dubti Remaked  Romainain
Fred P  The Corner  State Of no State
Dubtil Oarecum A Odhnioara
St Joeseph  Lux 6

More Info on Roberto Q. Ingram

Get The Show:

Download with iTunes
Download directly
Stream on Mixcloud


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August 11, 2014 | Tuesday Aug. 12th – Pocast coming “Linear Rhythm Structure”

The show is based Worldwide — United States

The KeredCast is a dance music show featuring the latest releases and guest mixes from the world’s best DJs. Guests have included Frankie Knuckles, Satoshi Tomiie, Guy J, Mark Knight, Nic Fanciulli, David Morales, Hector Romero, and more.

, , , , to name a few.

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| In the studio

This weekend was great. I recorded my first song completely improvised with the use of Native Instrument Maschine. The first take was not perfect but i am sure after a few more attempts, it will be the Bomb!







Wish me luck:-)

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July 31, 2014 | Summer meets Sun, Clouds & Rain

Summer meets Sun, Clouds & Rain:-)
I am feeling Urban sycho. It looks as if I will be playing some trippy tunes for tonight on Vibe A Live FM. Music I do not get to play:-)

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July 22, 2014 | Roberto Ingram Live Dj Mix on Vibe Alive FM Munich.

V a live logo



Hello Everyone,

Show me some love and tune in to on July 31st at 8pm, the show is called Underground House Essentials Podcast. I will try to get through as much new vinyl that I`ve purchased in the last two months along with promo copies i have received and of some older music as well. Let`s see what happens? I think it is the perfect time to take you through a journey in sound “Music for the summer & more, that has the important ingredients to ignite all your human senses, an eclectic emotional hypnotic vibe with the intricacies of poetry, deep house, dubby bass, percussive, tribal, swing, minimal, deep techy and edgy. You can find all the important details to tune in Here on this link to the website.

We will be including shout outs to the listners of the Underground Essentials Podcast, so Do not forget to join the chat room! Or subscribe here. One Love, Roberto Ingram



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July 2, 2014 | July 4 in Heilbronn, Bukowski-live Roberto Q. Ingram, Sandra Gold & Carmen Bernabe

“Everytime I close my eyes, It`s like a dark Paradise”

July 4, 2014 in Heilbronn at Bukowski-live
As support for Sandra Gold and the young techno generation.
I will be bringing fresh energy and heat to the spot.
I hope to see you on the dance floor this Friday.
Check here:

Bukowski 2014-07-02 at 8.08.33 AM

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May 24, 2014 | Super Rave Time table is now here.

See ya on Wednesday the 28th. I am looking forward to a nice party and I hope you are!!

Super Rave

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May 20, 2014 | Get your own DJ page for free!

Everything in one place

Get your own DJ page for free!

Save all your DJ info centrally on an individual DJ Page, and share as much of this content on Facebook as you like. Content which you publish only in your social networks will be displayed on a Social Network Feed on your DJ Page.

Your fans and clubs will thank you, as will many others. Now everything is stored centrally in one place.

Dj page

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May 6, 2014 | Roberto Ingram ” A Smooth Ride ” Snippet.

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April 30, 2014 | My Facebook Music Page is live!

MyFb MusicpageMy Music Page is now live. There you can find updated with new releases, mixes, events and some extras about music, studio, technics etc. Please bare with me as I update.

If you would like to stay informed, please hit the “Like” button then we can keep in touch.“

Your support is very much appriciated!

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April 28, 2014 | Roberto djing@‎DISCOTRIBE PRES. BOING BOOM TSCHAK on 16.05.2014

Boing Boom Tschak


ROBERTO INGRAM OM Records | Disko Massaka Recordings
GEORGE BLEICHER We PlaY | Expressed Movement
SALZER N’ LENGLER other.mind.movement | Freunde der Nacht
DISCOTRIBE geht in Runde 6! Wenn das kein Grund zum Feiern ist – Feiern und Abgehen à la BOING BUMM TSCHAK.

Mit dabei ist natürlich Sandra Gold. Ihre Mission: Positive Energie, ausgedrückt in elektronischer Tanzmusik, abseits des Club-Mainstreams. Ihr Sound lässt sich nicht auf nur ein Genre reduzieren. Ihre Tech-House-, Techno und Electro-Mixe sind wandlungsfähig und beinhalten z.B. Elemente älterer Funk-, Soul und Disco- und Jazz-Stücke. Wandlungsfähig überschreitet Sandra Gold Grenzen und begegnet ihrem Publikum dabei mit ihrer eigenen „Definition of Electronic Dance Music“.

Ausserdem am Start: Roberto Q. Ingram, dessen DJ-Sets einfach nur elektrisieren! Underground Vibe, Boundries keine, Sexy, fresh, groovy & nasty. Er, Sandra’s Mastermind, hält nichts von Schubladen, und lässt Grenzen der Dance Musik verschwimmen. Als Künstler und Musiker steht er für pures Entertainment!

George Bleicher, Expressed Movement-Mitglied und WE PLY-Head, bleibt mit seiner besonders freundlichen Art nicht nur im Gedächtnis, sondern mit packenden Beats auch unausweichlich im Gehörgang hängen. Geprägt vom facettenreichen Münchner Nachtleben und nachhaltig wirkenden Tech-House-Beats, bringt er mit wohlig drückenden Schallwellen und einem nicht enden wollenden Groove, gekonnt jeden Partygast zur (un)kontrollierten Bewegung!

Außerdem wieder am Start sind Marco Salzer und Steffen Lengler aka SALZER N‘LENGLER, die bei den beiden letzten DISCOTRIBE-Partys bereits das Parkett ordentlich zum Wackeln gebracht haben!

In diesem Sinne: Boing peng boom tschak tschatschak tschak – Mission Music non stop!

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| Djing@SuperRave In Munich Mi 28,Mai

Hello Peoples, I will be playing in doors at Superrave`s House/Techouse area and I am ready due to the fact that I have never played this event before. Expect my vibe to be a chunky, nasty, groovy old school vinyl & cd set, which is a different characteristic to what I`ve done in a while. I am truly humbled to step into the arena along side many well established artists and musicians in the underground music scene. Check it out, Here is the line up:
► KÖLSCH live!
► AKA AKA feat. THALSTROEM live!
(Burlesque Musique/Berlin)
(Theory, Drumcode/London)
(Bandura, Leleka, Shevchenko/Kiew)
(Hemlock, Numbers/London)
(Ilian Tape/Muc)
(Ilian Tape/Turin)
(Ilian Tape/Turin)
(Bob Beaman, Souvenir/Muc)
► MAXIM VON TERENTIEFF (Vorsicht Glas!/Muc)
► KAREEM EL MOOR (Club Sabotage/Muc)
(Electronic Monster/Muc)
► CURTIS NEWTON (GrenzFrequenz/Muc)
► DIE HÖHENREGLER (Veryyou Music/Muc)

► VJ JEDES MAL KINO (Studio Polygon, Rote Sonne/Muc)
► VJ JOHN (ET PAUL) (Musik aus Strom, Glitch Happens) 

All information concerning tickets you will find at the bottom of this page.
Beginn 22:00
Backstage Werk / Halle / Club (+ draußen bei schönem Wetter)
Reitknechtstr. 6 / U Hirschgarten
Tickets 17,90 € zzgl. VVK-Gebühr über / Abendkasse 23 €
Einlass ab 18 Jahren


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December 18, 2013 | Out on December 23, 2013 “Family & Friends Reflective Ep.” Various Artist Ep.

Disko Massaka is back with it´s last release, a widely diverse flow of quality club music in titled The various artists – REFLECTIVE E.P., which comes to you on time for the Christmas holidays and before we say goodbye to 2013. The release is available in digital format on December 23, 2013 ” Just Click here to buy at Beatport.!

The reflective ep, introduces talented expressionistic artists like Roberto Q Ingram, Carlos Mendes, Dee Green, Active Line Six, Damir Ludvig, who put great originality value in their productions each with its own time and place on the dance floor. From the synth driven deep groovy house vibe of Roberto Q. Ingram, the pumping tech house track of Damir Ludvig and finally the late night techno or tech house monster of Dee Green, Active Line Six or Carlos Mendes and they ain’t leaving no ground uncovered by the end of 2013.

More about the release is also here on facebook.


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December 10, 2013 | Happy Holidays with love

As we embark on this years holiday season I want to wish you and your families the best for this Christmas season with 2014 near us. Take this time to rid of all your worries or fears, haves or have nots. Spread love, Peace and Positivity because there is no better way to enjoy life.

Yours truly, Roberto Ingram

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November 29, 2013 | Hello Peeps

I am in the studio regularly and now shopping new material. I hope to release two 12inch singles no later than February 2014. Sorry for the delay.

Yours truly,

Roberto Q. Ingram

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July 12, 2013 | Remix-Contest for Innercity – Goodlife

Hello Friends, Partners & Associates,
 Roberto Ingram & Sandra Gold has entered the Remix Contest for Innercity`s – Good life that was originally produced by Kevin Master Reese Saunderson nearly 25 years ago and more on it`s considered to be a classic.

The intention of this remix was to create an underground version with a stinky soul & groove texture that functions in any big or small venue. We reworked the vocals to add an uplifting energy along with chords and percussive elements that blend nicely around our deep vibes. Are we excited? Yes absolutely.

We would appreciate to hear what you think about our version of the remix? Plus we also want your vote!

Please Click:

Please be sure to make an beatport account so that you can vote.
How to vote:
Click on the link. Under the vote-counter you will find a button “LOGIN TO VOTE”. Login with you Beatport-Account and press the Button “Vote”. Done!

Thanks for your support!
Roberto Ingram & Sandra Gold



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July 9, 2013 | Freerotation 2013

3 day festival at Baskerville Hall Clyro Court – Hay-on-Wye featuring Freerotation as the event of the year!

What a great line up of quality music and art. After working my ass off in the studio, singing, working at the office. I can now get back to what I do best dj. I am up for a great time with my friends.

Freerotation group facebook, Freerotation Website, Residentadvisor event


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June 6, 2013 | 2013

Rocking & Ready:-)

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June 5, 2013 | Decisive Podcast Series Episode 17

Hello its Wednesday June 5, 2013
I am Roberto Q. Ingram and your listening to my podcast Episode 16 better known as ” The Decisive Podcast Series” with yours truly in the Mix.

Before I introduce the show in short detail, please be sure hit the play button on my here on my website at the home page at the bottom near the player or at podomatic while reading. it is located in the top menu bar on the left and down below that is the download button, is case you would like to listen to the show at your leisure.

My show today features music from some new comers and cutting edge techno producers with legendary Status. Artists like Robert Hood, Rolando, Mike Dunn, Detroit Swindle, Terence Fixmer, Jonas Kopp, Cosmin TRG only to Name a few.

The sound, technic and approach to Desicive this time around is no deture from my feelings about what underground electronic dance music means to me.          
I guess the best way to describe my vision here is groovy, techno, deep and musical.

I want let you know about a few current Gig Dates coming up.
I will be playing Friday July 12th to July 14th in the Uk at Freerotation Festival, the Festival last for three days with many talented Dj`s, Musicians & Visual Artists.
As for now i have no idea what the day or the Time My Set is.
Never the less Freerotation is a heart felt party that is not to be missed…

Then in  Munich Germany  on July 28th ,I will be headlining in At the Labor Family  “Summer Happening” the last event I played for these promoters was sweet, I am looking forward to playing with some of my Munich buddies again..

So If you are in or around any of these two locations
Come Out and Show Some Love!

Well nuff said..  lets get to it
Here we go with your boy Roberto Q. Ingram in the mix with Decisive Podcast Episode 16.
Give me a shout here on my website Enjoy…
To download or play “Click” the text below!!
Decisive Podcast Series Episode 17, is now ready for your ears, iphone, mp3 player.

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June 2, 2013 | Labor 2013

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| Roberto about to Jack at 11 years of Labor Munich.

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| Labor Draussen In Der Stadt

JULY 28, 2013 Summer happening again with the Labor Family.

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May 22, 2013 | Freerotation July 12 -15 2013

3 day weekend of fabulous music. I am looking forward and gearing up for the Festival. Freerotation 2013 is now sold out!



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April 26, 2013 | Roberto Ingram@11 Year of Palais

11 Year Palais Private Club, This particular event will extend itself up to 18 hours straight through out Tage Der Arbeit or Labor Day from Tuesday 30-04-13 – Wednesday 31-05-13 in Munich Germany. My set will be Wednesday morning  between the hours of 11:00 am till 1:00 pm, It would be lovely to see your face amongst the crowd.

For more details: Palais Upcoming Events




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| Roberto`s Charts for May 2013

My Dj Chart for May 2013. For my taste I feel these tracks can be heard in your car, on you mp3 gadget while riding your bike but make no mistake they will make you dance in the club. Check the Vibe….

Chart for May 2013 Top 10

01. Moire Lose (Actress remix) Werkdiscs

02. North Lake Griswold Blank Slate

03. Dark Energy Atomic Witchdokta UR

04. Ivel Tax Scapat Disco Birds

05. Ivano Tetelepta & Alex Jansen Lemonade Beach Rue De Plaisance France

06. DJ Spider & Marshallito Full Spectrum Dominance SubBASS Sound System

07. Nail Ode Rammel EP Fear of Flying

08. Hinode The Out Enlighted Wax

09. Myles Sergé Breakfast With Audy iliantape

10. Daze Maxim Farbfilm Apollonia

I hope you enjoy this selected list of fine music. Peace Roberto

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March 12, 2013 | If you missed my dj mix for Myles Sergé on Future Music

My dj mix back on March 2nd : Roberto Ingram ruff stuff mix. Expect current techno tracks fused and mangled with older stuff. Should be a stone cold trip. Lets see what becomes of it all:-). This guy Myles (owner of Saùre Musc Group) works his ass off for techno, Thanks Myles for having me on your show.


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March 9, 2013 | Djing@17 years of Labor.Family 2013


Hello Friends & Party Goers, I will be djing on Sunday 11:00 pm – 7:00 am March 31, 2013 Easter Weekend at the 17 Year Labor.Family Party located at Harry Klein Club Munich. The event maker Jan Henric has managed to keep the event running despite the ups and downs in the underground music scene in Munich. The parties are quite interesting because of its loyalty and passion to maintain an unique vibe with a quality music format that expands from techno, electronica, minimal house and labor classics. Further more the loyal party goers are true since 1997 old school and new school alike, I hope you will come out to support the event, so expect an evening where anything can happen. I looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor. The entertainment that is planned to keep you moving are: Live: Lima Ben-Jannet. Djs: Jan Henric, kenshiro,, Joseph Disco, and your truly Roberto Q. Ingram.

More about the event can be found here: 17 Years Labor.Family                         


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| No one can hit you harder than life itself…..

No one can hit you harder than life itself. It doesn`t matter how you hit back. It´s about how much you can take and keep fighting. How much you can suffer and keep on moving forward. That is how you win……

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February 27, 2013 | March 2nd, 2013 – Roberto Ingram back on Myles Sessions









March 2nd, 2013, be sure to listen to the Myles Serge` Sessions radio show, featuring yours truly Roberto Ingram.  Note: I will take you on a hypnotic sound dimension, landscapes, questionable to closed minded individuals. Expect current techno tracks fused and mangled with older stuff. Should be a stone cold trip. Lets see what becomes of it all:-). This guy Myles (owner of Saùre Musc Group) works his ass off for techno, which is why I look forward being back on the show. 

You will find more about Myles Serge` Sessions here on: Facebook page, Facebook events page.                                                                       

You will find more about the show here:                                                                               

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January 30, 2013 | Rosen-MO 11.2.13 23:00h – BAD TASTE AT IT’S BEST

Rosen-MO 11.2.13_23:00h See: Nachtagenten Events….

Über Geschmack lässt sich ja streiten, über schlechten sogar ganz vortrefflich! Am Rosenmontag laufen die Streitpunkte gleich reihenweise im Palais Club herum – denn an diesem Abend findet dort wieder die legendäre „Bad Taste“-Party statt. Schlechter Geschmack also, wohin das Auge auch blickt. Um sich den freien Eintritt zu sichern, sollte man dringend den heimischen Kleiderschrank nach Fehlgriffen, Modesünden und optischen Beleidigungen durchforsten.

Die Türsteher legen strenge Kriterien an, was Bad Taste ist und was nicht. Guten Geschmack beweisen dagegen die DJs dieser Nacht,Roberto Q. Ingram, Sandra Gold und George Bleicher.Roberto kommt gut erholt ins winterliche München zurück, über den Jahreswechsel war er auf den Seychellen, anschließend folgte noch ein Trip nach Macau. Trotz des Reisestress‘ fand Roberto aber noch die Zeit, einen neuen „Excursions“-Mix in die Soundcloud einzuspeisen.

Es sind nun 4 Jahre seit seinem letzten Album vergangen, aber keine Angst, Roberto’s bevorstehende Abduction EP wird im März auf den Markt kommen und sein lang ersehntes Album Ende diesen Jahres  folgen. Im letzten Jahr trat Mr. Ingram in verschiedenen Mix Shows, wie der Myles Serge Sessions Future Music UK, dem Decisive Podcast Munich sowie dem Circle Music Radio Mix Tapes, auf. Mal sehen, ob die Urlaubstunes am Rosenmontag auch im Palais Verwendung finden. Kollegin Sandra Gold wird mit ziemlicher Sicherheit ihre neue Produktion „Discotribe“ im Gepäck dabei haben. Sie war zuletzt auch unterwegs, wenn auch „nur“ in Heilbronn. Dort spielte sie im Bukowski-Club und repräsentierte München von seiner golden schimmernden Seite. Bestens aufgelegt war bzw. hat auch George Bleicher in der Silvesternacht im Palais. An diese legendäre Feier möchte er natürlich auch bei der Bad-Taste-Party wieder anknüpfen – mit absoluter Good-Taste-Housemusik. See: Nachtagenten Events….

Palais Arnulfstraße 16-18

80335 München (Hbf)
Eingang i.d. Passage zur Hirtenstraße
gegenüber des Starnberger Bahnhofs


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January 28, 2013 | Roberto Ingram@BAD TASTE AT IT’S BEST

Rosen-MO 11.2.13_23:00h
Roberto Q. Ingram (Sonic Mind / München)
Sandra Gold (Palais / Plattenkonferenz / München)
George Bleicher (WE PLY / München) Palais Bar Lounge Club Arnulfstr. 16-18 München Nachtagenten Event Feature and also here@the venue Palais

There’s no accounting for bad taste.
On Carnival Monday the legendary “Bad Taste Party” will take place again in the Palais Club. This years motto is, the worse taste the better. You wanna get in for free? Nothing easier than that, just have a look in your closet and pull out your silliest outfit you’ve ever bought. The doormen will look out for Bad Taste and they know their job very well. The DJs on the decks this night, Roberto Q. Ingram, Sandra Gold and George Bleicher, on the other hand know good taste.

Roberto`s last appearance at Palais proved to be self evident that he is still able to rock the party nicely, It`s been 4 years since his last release but no worries, coming soon Roberto`s Abduction ep is unleashed in March and his long awaited album late 2013. A delight for any dance floor. Through out 2012 Mr. Ingram appeared on mix show`s like Myles Serge Sessions Future Music UK, Decisive Podcast Munich, Circle Music Radio Mix Tapes.. While on his holidays, for your listening pleasure he found the time to record a new “Excursion-Mix” which you can find on Soundcloud. roberto-q-ingram/excursions-x-mas-2012.

DJ colleague, Sandra Gold is going to play her new release “Discotribe”, thats for damn sure. She was in Heilbronn and rocked the Bokowski-Club lately and represented Munich at it’s very bests. Listen to her sound here. George Bleicher was in top form as well when he played New Year’s eve at the Palais and he will live up to this legendary event on this Carnival Monday Night. Listen to his sets here. Good Taste House Music is guaranteed.


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January 11, 2013 | New Song Done

Just keeping myself fired up for releasing. One more song finished. Mission is possible:-)

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January 10, 2013 | I need to throw this out there, so bare with me folks.

Underground music lovers, lately I have been listening for great voices that inspires and left me up emotionally without using the word Love or put your Fucking Hands Up, but from more of a philosophical approach, like what I enjoy. Can you name two vocalist that just blow you away? Without any language barriers, Your partisipation is greatly appreciated.


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January 5, 2013 | 12:00 midnight to night on Digital FM Croatia

Hello Everyone, I am back from holiday and ready for music. 1st up: at 12:00 midnight, Tune in tonight@ DFM Night Sessions #160 Roberto Q. Ingram. To stream or download the link, Click here:

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December 31, 2012 | Happy New Year

Hello Friends & Partners, Happy New Year” I am humbled & grateful to be able to spend most of my time making & learning more about music and producing podcasts. For me It has been a wonderful 2012 and I hope yours was a lot of fun. I met so many nice people musicians, producers, recording labels dj, and promoters that share some of the same values I have for music. pure, original, meaningful, heartfelt and inspiring. It is fantastic to know that the underground music culture continues to proceed forward in dispite of all the worlds testing times. I look forward to 2013 as a year for up hill progress in Studio productions, releases, effective networking with my pears. New songs for my album are in the final stages, so I will keep you posted. Thanks so much for your support! See you in 2013.  Lots of Luv Roberto



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December 30, 2012 | massive record and out off the shelf into my box.

Purveyors Of Fine Funk – Ashes Smashing Red

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