July 3, 2018 | Music The Universal Language Live Stream Aug. 01, 2018

I am excited to be a part of the Timeline Music dj team.
Tune in to my live stream program called “Music The Universal Language”, its my Bi Monthly mix show, from 8pm – 10pm, beginning Wednesday August 01, 2018, without music boundaries and anything goes. Thanks to Keith Anderson and Marley Cole who is one of a growing group of Timeline DJs and producers who are spreading their love of quality underground electronic music across the internet with regular shows and performances every week. Focusing on building the station with new recruits to the rota, along with the loyal support of the previous artists and listeners.
Big ups to Leah Floyeurs for the tip.

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June 30, 2018 | Decisive Radio Show

Decisive Radio Show on Radio 80000
We are 7 years strong and moving forward in steps, Starting July 20th and every third Friday of each month we will be live streaming on Radio 80k – bit.ly/2l2Xwlg in Munich. In the same Decisive podcast concept series fashion and we are inviting you to be part of the program. Passion For The Music Is Of Most Importance.
More Info: Facebook Group – bit.ly/2qV3ENb
Podomatic – bit.ly/2IkXCmo
Soundcloud – https://goo.gl/RuoKE3

...See More


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November 23, 2017 | Decisive Podcast Series 2017

Hello Peeps,

Check this out we have two new Decisive Podcasts Series shows for you to listen and please feel free to join The Decisive Podcast Series  Group.

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October 12, 2017 | ADE Wednesday October 18-21 2017

Hello Partners & Friends, I will be at the Amsterdam Music Event on Wednesday October 18th till Saturday October 21 till 6:00 pm. Lets make time to connect. I am directly in the center of the event so it should be easy to schedule a meeting point. PM Me Facebook or email Roberto@inspiration-network.com or WhatsApp.

In Best Regards, Roberto Q. Ingram


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| Roberto Ingram – Decisive Podcast Series (Vinyl Only)

You can now listen Your Host Roberto Q. Ingram electric mix for next two hours, to most that know me you will find that I approached this set slightly off the cusp to what you may expect from me. Be it as it may, it is now strange motivating times we are living in, with our world leaders choosing to attempted to concur and divide us grateful loving caring human beings that put them where they are. By no means am I trying to create bad vibes because I have always believed in peace, respect, optimism and positive for as long as I can remember. So today I have selected music for this podcast based on what I am feeling about the chaos noise and confusion that we are faced with in these modern times.

Today I decided to let off some steam because if you never let loose your bound to explode, So prepare your self for music that is organized chaos, driven and up front. Note: I will surly get the track list out to you shortly. I hope you enjoy this program because it may not be for everyone :-)
Peace To The World!!
Roberto Ingram

Wednesday, 27. September 2017
Roberto Ingram Decisive Podcast Series Guest Mix
Tracklist: Vinyl Only
01. Drexciya (700 million years from earth) Aqualung
02. Spesimen (P.S.I.O)Infocalypse recordings
03. Bryan Zentz (Dollhouse) Electrixrecords
04. Mr. De (Shake It Baby) ElectroFunk
05. Aux88 (We are the Future) Submerge
06. Mr. De (Stretchin Out) Electrofunk
07. Supergrouples (Groupie) Sockett
08. B-tracker vs D.Bakel (Miniute Man) Fieber
09. Rhythm Division (Spectra) Whole Nine Yards
10. Martyn (Head High Mix) 3024
11. Ghost Stories Test Recordings
12. R-Damski & Bombing ‘F’ Don’t Stop The Rock
13. Jack Le Track (Archiplex) Atak
14. Lars B. Unknown Substance E.P. Bliss
15. Anthony Rother (Dont Stop The Beat) PSI49-3
16. Elektrolux (Mas 2008) De Cyphered Music
17. Etch (Chemotaxis) Unearthed Sounds
18. Hodge (No Single Thing) Livity Sound
19. SMBD (Moon Theory Ep) Apron
21. Skee Mask (Kappelberg Chant) IlIantape Series
22. Hodge (Pea Soup) Livity Sounds
23. Cummihz (8AM groove) Clasp
24. Aubrey (Space Jazz) Barba
25. Steevio (Perthynas) Mindtours
26. SW Beat Mix 45
27. Cummihz (Acid Jazz) Clasp
28. Matthew Herbert (Brand New Love Rmx) Hypercolour 29. Martin Carlier (Terminal 1) Rauh
30. Wild Planet (Octave) 430 West


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August 23, 2017 | American Bandstand Dance Competition 1986

These pictures were taken while my cousin Javette and I danced our living hearts outs on the longtime running tv dance program American Band Stand.  Here is the video:


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| I found pictures from 1986 of me as a dancer.

These pictures were taken while my cousin Javette and I danced our living hearts outs on the longtime running tv dance program American Band Stand.  Here is the video:

01. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81d95NBZS7s

02. American Bandstand 1986 dance contest


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July 12, 2017 | Boiler Room Support For “Walking On A Fine Line Release”

Thanks to the Jennifer Cardini`s Correspondant, Boiler Room crew for the support of the latest release by Arttu Snellman featuring yours truly Roberto Ingram “Walking On A Fine Line” Track on in the video Boiler Room


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July 3, 2017 | Out Now! Walking On A Fine Featuring Roberto Q. Ingram by Arttu.

I am excited about the release by my buddy Arttu, this is our second record together and counting.
Here are the ingredients for the production of the Walking On A Fine Line ep. The presence of US native Roberto Q Ingram on vocals brings a full Detroit gangster flavour to the party. Initially Arttu and Roberto had an idea to record a simple and sweaty track with Roberto on the mic and Arttu at the control of some dusty old machines. The result, ‘Bass Trakk’ is exactly that: Roberto dropping lyrics over a raw beat and a massive bassline. The EP is rounded off with a deep bit of techno ‘Debris’ with all the trappings of the darkest hour of a Berlin winter in which it was recorded.

Thanks to Groove Magazine – Walking on a fine line ep on Accidental Records selected as one of the records of the week by GROOVE-Magazin!

Where to find this release, its easy:
– You buy the record at : Deejay.de, Traxsource, Hardwax Berlin, Decks Records, Juno Records, Boomkat, Beatport, 

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June 20, 2017 | Out June 26, 2017 “Walking On A Fine Line” (feat Roberto Ingram) by Arttu

I am happy to be featured on the release of my friend Arttu on Matthew Herbert’s Label Accidental.

Go here to buy the record. Juno

1. “Walking On A Fine Line” (feat Roberto Ingram)
1. “Bass Trakk” (feat Roberto Ingram)
2. “Debris”

Go and buy your copy today,
Peace, Roberto

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April 20, 2017 | Decisive Podcast Series Family & Members.

Hello Again Decisive Family & Members,
Thanks to everyone of you who takes the time out of your busy schedule to listen to what is happening in the Decisive Podcast Series. I am pleased with the progress but there is more work to be done and as we continue to get better I hope that we can expand to a bigger global out reach. It would help if you could share each and every podcast that you like. Lets us know if your satisfied with what you get.

The decisive podcast series is about independent artist, crafty sound with an artistic vision. The podcast is not only for experienced talented stars but for fresh young talent that have no fear for taking a risk to challenge the listeners imagination on all musical levels without compromise. The turn Family are those Artists that have contributed their time at some point and Members are those of you that support artists that work hard to give you the best musical experince possible.

For Music We Live,
Your Host Roberto Q. Ingram

Links to keep you up to date:

Decisive Podcast Website:  https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/inspiration-network

Facebook group:                 https://www.facebook.com/groups/decisivepodcastseries/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/roberto-q-ingram/sets/decisive-podcast-series-2016

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April 18, 2017 | Next booking SA_29.4.17 @ 15 years Palais Club Munich

Hello my Music lovers,
I will be manning the decks with a pulverizing set of quality music from Detroit-Chicago-london-Munich and beyond & the Mic will be open for me to freestyle at my leisure, on Saturday 29.4.17 after hours at 15 years Birthday of Palais Club Munich. The celebration will be a wild one with 12 djs bringing the heat morning, noon and night, so fasten your shoelaces tight and be fit to hit the dance nonstop.

April 28 – May 1, Apr 28 at 11:59 PM to May 1 at 3 PM

Ray Okpara (AMA Recordings / Mobilee / Mannheim)
Enne (Electunes / München)
DJ Sonic (Palais / Amused Rec.)
Lena Bart (Palais / PARDON!)

Roberto Ingram (Decisive Podcast Series / Chiwax / München)
Jens Bond (Cadenza Lab / Suruba / Luzern)
Sandra Gold (Palais / Discotribe / bnfmusic)
George Bleicher (Palais / W▸ PLAY)

Benno Blome (Sender Records / Berlin)
Poenitsch & Jakopic (Disco Art / Karmaloft / Palais)
DJ Linus (Sujet Musique)
Ricardo Pielok (Discotribe)

Arnulfstraße 16-18, 80335 Munich, Germany

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April 3, 2017 | Video of my dj set in Munich 03122017.

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| Check out my video clip of the Trip To Bermuda Party In Munich 03.12.2017

My gig in Munich at Trip To Bermuda at Palais club on 03.12.2017. Blast with a fat track! Slap That Bass!

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| My gig in Munich at Trip To Bermuda 03.12.2017

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April 2, 2017 | Check Out My Latest Decisive Podcast Dj Mix

Hello thanks for checking me out here on my website, Just in case you missed my latest dj mix for Decisive Podcast Series Special #12, now you can now listen to complete mix on Here on Soundcloud



Its been a while since my last mix as I work a little slower than others but I am concentrated in my studio works with direct focus my own productions, voice jobs and sound design, entertainment consulting for Buero Gelb DIE KOMMUNIKATEURE here in Munich. So as you get older there is less of night life but better quality night life is what I prefer these days. Looking forward to springtime party gigs and I know its early but already and excited about what the summer brings us:-) I am really excited about the new release with my buddy Arttu Snellman in Berlin with me on the vocal duties, the ep comes out on vinyl in May 2017 on Matthew Herbert Label accidentalrecords.com.

A little about my mix! Today my music selection was recording from vinyl with an up pace preference, an on the fly approach then at the same time find my way through music instinctively to capture that momentary feeling. 
So we I ended up with a pretty tripped out program, Deep Techno, Minimal, Progressive Hypnotic collage. I hope you can find something you like in this experiment. I did :-)

Decisive Podcast Series – Tracklist 
01. Terrence Dixon – The Switch (Edit) – Tresor Records
02. Carl Craig Tres Demented Demented Drums
03. Mark Ambrose – Asteroids – Crayon 
04. Chris Carrier – Cats Eye Nubula – Sound Carrier
05. Disk – Bloomer – White loops
06. Chris Carrier – Galatica – Sound Carrier 
07. Howl Ensamble – A1 – Howl Ensamble
08. Scott Grooves – Hybrid Part – Natural Midi 
09. Howl Ensamble – B2 – Howl Ensamble
10. M.P – Why So Sophisticated – Bass Culture
11. Mark Ambose – Night Shift – Crayon
12. M.P – Dis Aint No Hip Hop – Bass Culture
13. Mark Ambose – Orlando Voorn Night Shift – Crayon
14. Chris Carrier – Holidays On Mars – Sound Carrier 
15. Einka & Terrence Dixon – B1 – Goldmin Music

Real quick shout out and a big thanks to everyone of you that have been supporting the podcast for this long, You know who you are. Also everyone that have sent me promos. Full Support on my next Decisive show in May.

Myles Serge over there in Grand Rapids, Michigan,
Eric Douglas Porter in the Bronx, NY, United States
Rennie Foster in Vancouver Canada 
Kosta Athanassiadis – Göttingen Germany 
Rob Hampton , Dj Spider – In Jersey City New Jersey -Plan B Recordings & Spider Music.
Leonard Posso – Berlin – Thema & Chronicle
Dario Zenker here in Munich – Iliantape
My man Stanny at Optimal Records – Munich
System Of Survival – Barcelona, Fventi & Soundscape
Dj Linus – Munich 
Jay Denham – Kalamazoo – Black Nation Recordings
Donnell knox – Poland – Sonic Mind
Petr Serkin in Moscow

Shout to my boy Skip also know as Wayne Da Skippa 
Sabine Hoffmann – Berlin
Sandra Gold – Disco Tribe
My Daniel Sun – For his listening support and sending cool tips.
My Boy Markus Mehta in Munich

With that said until the next podcast stay safe be positive and enjoy yourself in a big way. Peace Roberto Q. Ingram

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February 28, 2017 | Gig In Munich “Reason To Dance” March 4, 2017

Reason to Dance is back on Saturday March 4, 2017 and I have been invited to make you dance while the records spin with Pimpernel resident Sandra Gold.

We would like that you come join us again on the dance floor at the one and only Pimpernel, located at Müllerstr. 56, 80469 Munich, Germany.

Lets get it popping off again with just good music to keep you moving, grooving and dancing till the sun comes up. Doors Open at 10:00am-7:00am.






Reason To Dance


Sandra Gold 


 My Musicians Facebook page



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December 7, 2016 | Decisive Podcast “Seasons Greetings” Series

Hello Friends and Decisive Podcast Series listeners, I hope that you are having a great time shopping, visiting family, and in a partying mood. We are now ready to provide you with good music till the end of the December month, also for the Christmas Holiday and music to celebrate the coming of the year 2017. The last shows for this year include four talented dj`s from different locations around the globe. 

12.08.2016  Decisive Podcast Special – Terrence Toy – Los Angeles – Afro House

12.15.2016   Decisive Guest Mix – Leo Küchler – Vienna 

12.22. 2016  Decisive Munich Exclusive – Roberto Q Ingram – Munich 

12.29.2016   Decisive Guest Mix – Ivan Komlinovic – Zagreb 

We will continue our regular podcast format with complete interviews and great sound to keep you in the groove. Please stay tuned as the Decisive Podcast Series get underway. Thank you for your support, Roberto Q. Ingram




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October 28, 2016 | Check out my Traxsource Chart October 2016

I just started a new list of music i am digging at the moment.

Check out my Traxsource Chart October 2016, it includes my new release “Voluntary Expression” on Blue Dye Records.

Traxsource charts

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| Decisive Podcast Series 2016-2017

Decisive Podcast Series, is picking up pace and has been consistent at 70% listeners return rate to the show and more & more checking us out world wide. I will continue to work hard to provide the best diverse program I can possible provide. Do not forget Decisive has three different platforms of its concept. #1. Decisive Podcast Munich Exclusive (Is clearly understood here) #2. Decisive Podcast Series Special ( International & Global players) and Decisive Podcast Guest Mix ( For new up & coming musicians, dj`s  artists. The podcasts are a lot of work and gets costly at times but 

“Music is that portal that binds us and expands all boundaries”
The next episodes expand globally with music mixes by myself and carefully selected guest talent world wide. Two to three times per month depending on the work load in 2016-2017. I hope you will listen and embrace the various artists and styles of music I feel to be significant and bound to no genra. It is important that I represent a brand that focus on passionate Dj`s, Musicians & Artists that take risk and bold enough to experiment with introducing only quality music.

I hope that you will listen, Interact & support the show. Give your comments Like, Follow and spread the word. I am excited about the results from people around the world that apparently enjoy the series of “Decisive Podcast Series Exclusive by Roberto Q. Ingram.

I would like to know what you think? /

Contact me:
contact@inspiration-network.com /
Websites & Social Networks:

Thanks for your support.


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| My new track “Voluntary Expression” Is Out Now!

Hello Music Lovers, My song “Voluntary Expression” which has found a slot on the Blue Dye ADE Compilation 2016. The song is simple with a emotional compelling vibe and mesmerises anyone with a adventurous mind. Its a deep organic contemporary tune for easy listening and if you feel like dancing? Its good for that as well. I really dig “Voluntary Expression” and of course I hope you can feel the magic. You can buy it in digital format on nearly all dj download web stores in the world.

Buy here: Beatport, Traxsource,

Thanks for your support, Roberto

Bluedye logo - 2016-10-15 00.53.55

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August 24, 2016 | Ein Herz für Discotribe at Harry Klein München

Thursday we come together to celebrate Sandra Gold`s bIrthday at Harry Klein, I will be playing along side Berliner Benno Blome and Münchner George Bleicher and of course Sandra. Come party with us as we wish the best

Find More Info Here: Discotribe


Harry Discotrib

Benno Blome

Sandra Gold

Roberto Ingram

George Bleicher

Find More Info Here: Discotribe

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August 21, 2016 | Celebration Of Life 2016


Hallo Freunde!
Neues Jahr, neues Glück: Es wäre klasse, wenn ihr mit mir gemeinsam meinen Geburtstag feiert – am Freitag, den 2. September 2016, ab 23:59 Uhr bis Samstag, den 3. September 2016, bis 10:00 Uhr im Palais Club, Arnulfstraße 16, 80335 München. Trinken, tanzen und Spaß haben bei sattem Electronic Sound: Na, wie klingt das? Da meine Gästeliste begrenzt ist, gebt mir bitte schnell Bescheid, ob Ihr kommt – entweder per E-Mail an Roberto@inspiration-network.com, über Facebook Messenger oder per SMS. Ich freue mich auf Euch!

Roberto Ingram sieht man schon beim Auflegen die Hingabe zur Dance Music an. Vielleicht liegt das auch daran, dass er vor vielen Jahren mal professioneller Tänzer war. Seine Leidenschaft für elektronische Klänge geht jedenfalls zurück in die frühen 1990er-Jahre. Bis heute hat diese Passion nicht nachgelassen, sie ist vielmehr mit den einzelnen Strömungen und Trends gewachsen und zeigt sich auch in seiner “Decisive Podcast Series“, in der er regelmäßig gleichgesinnte Künstler interviewt und wunderbare, neue Musik präsentiert.

Zu Robertos heutiger Geburtstagsfeier bittet er auch seinen langjährigen Wegbegleiter Markus Mehta und den Dots-Veranstalter Ludwig Rausch an’s Mischpult.

Markus köchelt mit viel Fingerspitzengefühl seine Suppe aus modernen Techno Grooves und einer Prise klassischer Detroit Einflüsse bis der Dancefloor brodelt. Mit seinen Veröffentlichungen auf Labels wie Kling Klong, Under No Illusion und Brise, schafft er es stets neue Akzente in den Clubs dieser Welt zu setzen und sein monatliches, musikalisches Tagebuch in Form des “12/16 Podcasts” erhöht die Vorfreude um ein Vielfaches.

Auf besondere, musikalische Schmankerl achtet auch der Dritte im Bunde Ludwig Rausch, der mit seiner Dots-Party im Harry Klein im August das einjährige Jubiläum feierte. Die Palais-Gäste kennen ihn ja auch sehr gut, wenn sie wieder mal Rausch-hafte Zustände beim regelmäßigen „Trip to Bermuda“ erleben. Also dann: Let‘s celebrate life!


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August 3, 2016 |

Come to Discotribe, I will be on the decks after Benno Blome, George Bleicher, and we will all be their to celebrate Sandra Golds Birthday Thursday August 25th at one of the best clubs in Munich.



Come get your freak on.

Ein Herz Für… Discotribe
Sender Records | Bar25 | Berlin

Roberto Ingram
Black Nation Records | Chiwax Rec. | München

Palais | Discotribe | bnfmusic | München

W> Play | Palais | München

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July 16, 2016 | My Late Summer Mix


Hello Everyone,
Here is another podcast by your host Roberto Q. Ingram and this one is all about nice tantalizing house music to listen and enjoy.

Are you feeling good about the spring and summer? If your on a long drive, chilling intimately with your partner, at work, lying in the sun or even getting ready to go out to a club. Then this vibe is definitely for you.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the music.
Roberto Q. Ingram

Hello Everyone,
Here is another podcast by your host Roberto Q. Ingram and this one is all about nice tantalizing house music to listen and enjoy.

Are you feeling good about the spring and summer? If your on a long drive, chilling intimately with your partner, at work, laying in the sun or even getting ready to go out to a club. Then this vibe is definitely for you.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the music.
Roberto Q. Ingram

Check Out My Facebook Decisive Podcast Group and be a part of the family:



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July 5, 2016 | Next up on Decisive Podcast Special Series.

Its July 4, 2016,  I am happy to have with us this time around, Rob Hampton New York, Myles Sergé Clark Detroit, Donnell Knox Poland/Detroit and Lenny Posso Berlin/New York. Decisive Podcast Guest Mix by Danijel Kevic, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 
Decisive Podcast Munich Exclusive Maurice Paloni, Germany. It all starts with my Decisive Podcast Summer Mix this week on Thursday. Stay tuned for some wicked music for wide minded persons that dig quality and diversity.




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| Dance Dance Dance :-)

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| Studio Jammin with Live 9, Tr8, Minibrute, Strymon, Boss

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June 15, 2016 | Roberto Ingram `Late Spring Mix` Decisive Podcast Series.


Roberto Ingram `Late Spring Mix` Decisive Podcast Series.
By Decisive Podcast Series Exclusive 

June 15, 2016

 Hello Everyone,

Here is another podcast by your host Roberto Q. Ingram and this one is all about nice tantalizing house music to listen and enjoy. Are you feeling good about the spring and summer? If your on a long drive, chilling intimately with your partner, at work, lying in the sun or even getting ready to go out to a club. Then this vibe is definitely for you.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the music. Roberto Q. Ingram

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April 21, 2016 | Prince Dead At 57

A Strong Spirit Transcends All Rules. If I could I would Give You The World. Thank You So Much Prince A Genius Who Cares & True Humanitarian. Through Music He Has Over Come Adversity. I am Still Inspired by all he was. Wow AmAZING!



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April 9, 2016 | Inspiration studio is coming together.


Studio Picture1


For the last 2 months I have been gearing up. Not that all my gear is new but all my the gear I bought over the years I just could part with any of them. I think the reason is that each time I discovered each piece it was at a moment where i felt a close connection to its sound, function and how easy the piece was to use.

As the saying goes `Its not what you have its what you do with the it`

After researching how to get the best sound out of my room, I found that it could very expensive and out of my price range, so guess what? I did something I have not done in a while and that is to build buy the materials I needed and got to work. It took me nearly a week to complete and I came up with this look and feel in the end. I still need to get a bigger desk and a few racks but for now this will have to do. I hope you like it.

Peace Out,



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| Work out on the decks.

Roberto Dj Picture

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March 3, 2016 | Next Gig Dates.

You can catch me doing what I do musically at these gig dates coming up: 

With Very few words, I would love to have you join Us!

Sat 26 Mar, 2016 Bukowski Live, Heilbronn, Germany, 

Bukowski Dass man Glück nicht kaufen kann, stimmt nur bedingt, denn mit Gold geht es tatsächlich: 20 Jahre pure Musikleidenschaft, Freude und die Fähigkeit, andere zu begeistern – die Rede ist von Sandra Gold. Ihr Sound lässt sich nicht auf einen Style reduzieren. Wandlungsfähig überschreitet sie Grenzen und hat dazu heute Nacht mit Roberto Q.Ingram und Carmen Bernabe zwei gleichgesinnte Sparringspartner an ihrer Seite. Roberto ist in Ohio geboren, in Los Angeles aufgewachsen, mit 15 nach München gezogen, hat Clubs in aller Welt bespielt und schafft es am letzten Öffnungstag im März zum zweiten Mal nach Heilbronn. Carmen spielt sich heute Nacht ihr eigenes B-Day-Set – die möglichst zahlreichen Glückwünsche überbringt aber bitte ihr!

 Vinyl Only night

 Mon 28 Mar, 2016 Palais Club, Munich

Roberto Q. Ingram, der die Eventreihe „Inspiration:Soul“ aus der Taufe gehoben hat. Auch der langjährige Wahlmünchner, der eigentlich aus Los Angeles stammt, spannt den musikalischen Bogen am liebsten von Detroit nach Chicago und wechselt zwischendurch in europäische Gefilde. Jedes Mal eine spannende und inspirierende Soundreise.

Come feel our passion…

Webpages: Bukowski live , Palais, Sandra Gold, My Facebook Music Page

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| Blog Update

I have been off the social networks with a gratifying purpose to collect my inner self and give serenity to my mind and body. This message is a very positive commitment to what I love to do “Music”. One Love……

I think it is important to support underground music culture because not only is this origin of music interesting to listen & dance to but we must consider the hard work that talented dj`& producers put in to make, create & innovate unique music works time and time again, so that the open minded do not bow down to commercial trends that exploit quantity not quality. 

Take a stand when I fall “I Rise, I Rise”


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January 25, 2016 | DO 11.02.2016 INSPIRATION:SOUL II In Munich Germany.





Come Join Us February 11, 2016 at Harry klein Club in Munich Germany.

Nach dem feuchtfröhlichen Einstand im September, kehrt die Eventreihe Inspiration:Soul, der aus München und LA stammenden DJs und Produzenten Markus Mehta und Roberto Q Ingram, zurück ins Harry Klein. Hier steht die Liebe und Leidenschaft zur elektronischen Musik an erster Stelle und diese verbindet die beiden engen Freunde seit vielen Jahren hinter und auch vor den Decks. Akrobatisch wird der musikalische Bogen von Detroit und Chicago aus in die hiesigen Gefilde gespannt. Das Besondere bei Inspiration:Soul ist, dass die Beiden größtenteils back 2 back spielen und sich selbst und den Dancefloor dabei mit viel Herzblut auf eine spannende und inspirierende Reise mitnehmen werden.

After an successful start in September, the event series Inspiration:Soul returns with resident Djs & Producers from Munich and LA Markus Mehta/Roberto Q. Ingram with our special guest Deep Down Dave back in Harry Klein. Here the love and passion for electronic music comes first and this connects the two close friends for many years behind and in front of the decks. Acrobatic of musical sheet of Detroit and Chicago is tensioned in the local climes. The special thing about inspiration:Soul is that the two play Back 2 Back and the dance floor will experience an exciting and inspiring journey.

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January 5, 2016 | INSPIRATION:SOUL returns to Harry Klein in early 2016 . . .

INSPIRATION:SOUL with Markus Mehta & Roberto Q. Ingram and our buddy Deep Down Dave​. At Harry Klein Munich Germany February 11th, 2016.

Harry Klein Banner 



                                                       Get some Vibe to dance to, Come Join Us February 11, 2016 at Harry klein Club in Munich Germany.

Nach dem feuchtfröhlichen Einstand im September, kehrt die Eventreihe Inspiration:Soul, der aus München und LA stammenden DJs und Produzenten Markus Mehta und Roberto Q Ingram, zurück ins Harry Klein. Hier steht die Liebe und Leidenschaft zur elektronischen Musik an erster Stelle und diese verbindet die beiden engen Freunde seit vielen Jahren hinter und auch vor den Decks. Akrobatisch wird der musikalische Bogen von Detroit und Chicago aus in die hiesigen Gefilde gespannt. Das Besondere bei Inspiration:Soul ist, dass die Beiden größtenteils back 2 back spielen und sich selbst und den Dancefloor dabei mit viel Herzblut auf eine spannende und inspirierende Reise mitnehmen werden.

After an successful start in September, the event series Inspiration:Soul returns with resident Djs & Producers from Munich and LA Markus Mehta/Roberto Q. Ingram with our special guest Deep Down Dave back in Harry Klein. Here the love and passion for electronic music comes first and this connects the two close friends for many years behind and in front of the decks. Acrobatic of musical sheet of Detroit and Chicago is tensioned in the local climes. The special thing about inspiration:Soul is that the two play Back 2 Back and the dance floor will experience an exciting and inspiring journey.

















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November 17, 2015 | Beatport Chart November 2015

Click Here To View: Roberto Q. Ingram – Beatport Chart “Its Just Great Music”  November 2015.

This month I am focussed on my most recent buys and promos that I find to be relevant special artistic music for the dance floor or not. Its Just Great Music! 














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November 3, 2015 | Release Yourself Radio with Roger Sanchez – Drops Loot Recording Release

Alec Chizhik & Markus Mehta release called Music featuring Roberto Q. Ingram on the vocal duties, has become a global club main time party mover.

Thanks to the support of Roger Sanchez – Dj, Producer/Remixer for running the track on Release Yourself Radio – Click Here or stay on my page no problem.



Release Yourself #733

De$ignated- Cyrus The Great (Undr The Radr)

Atjazz – Fox Tooth (Kyodai Rework) (Local Talk)
Eddie Amador, Danny Cohiba & Stanny Abram – The Happening (Marba Records)
Eagles & Butterflies ft JUDGE – Love (Bontan Remix) (Noir)

The Hot Release
ID – No Limit On Funk (CR2 Trax)

Alex Mallios – Lost In Love (Brett Johnson) (Love Harder)
Alec Chizhik & Markus Mehta – Music ft Roberto Q – Ingram (Junior Gee Remix) (Loot)
Butch – Praise The Lord (Play It Say It)

The Spotlight
Volkoder – Different Beat (Suara)

Prok & Fitch – Tears (Suara)
Sante Sansone & DJ Roland Clark – House Nation (Riva Starr Edit) (Saved)
Oliver Dollar & Nils Ohrmann – Funk Ya (Cajual)

The Flashback
Susan Clark – Deeper (111 East Records)

Chus & Ceballos – Lost In Music ft Cevin Fisher (Stereo Productions)
Sons of Tiki – Three Man Attack (Vakant)
Peverl Bros & Ron Carroll – Way Back (Sanchez Dirty Beats Remix)

The Release Yourself Guest Mix With Boris Dlugosh
HNNY- Caypio (Studio Barnhus
Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosh – L.O.V.E (DFTD)
Hard To Find – Vhyce (No Brainer)
Janet Rushmore – Joy (Sonny Fodera Remix)
This Piano – Darrio D’Attis (Strictly Rhythm)
Corrado Bucci – It’s Not Over (Kyodai Remix) (Local Talk)
Pele & Shawncey – Better For My Brain (Snatch!)
DJ Big Rub – Alexander Robotnik – Funky Disco (Stephan G Mix) (Hell Yeah)
D’Julz – Da Madness (Martinez Bros) (Bass Culture)

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October 27, 2015 | Take a look at my music selection chart for October 2015









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October 6, 2015 | Alec Chizhik & Markus Mehta Music feat. Roberto Q. Ingram

Release date: October 5, 2015 (Beatport Exclusive)
Other outlets: October 19, 2015

Alec Chizhik & Markus Mehta Music feat. Roberto Q. Ingram

Can you imagine life without music? That is the question asked on the fifth release from Loot Recordings. Produced by two of Germany’s finest, Alec Chizhik and Markus Mehta team up and unleash a slice of high-tech soul with the appropriately titled “Music” track that features Roberto Q. Ingram on the vocals.

The original is downright nasty, a funk driven beast that bumps along relentlessly with its powerful kick, booming bass line and layered melodies that synchronize to create tension in all the right places. Roberto’s seductive vocals keep you hooked from the start, diving deep into your imagination and is sure to get everyone’s hands in the air.

Italian duo Luminér deliver a deeper take on the original that features a mystical vibe that’s driven by a big rolling bass line and delayed synths giving it an overall psychadelic feel. The vocal is kept in tact, adding the cherry on top of a stellar production. The sexy low-end on this is a weapon that will work well for early moments or late in the night.

Junior Gee goes right in for the kill with a one-two punch, delivering a remix where less is more. Making clever use of the vocal, Junior adds effects in all the right places to keep the focus on the lyrics and emphasizes an infectious groove where the end result is a monster track. With an overall raw feel, this one will definitely win dance floors over, time and time again.

Alec Chizhik:
Like → facebook.com/achizhik
Listen → @/alec-chizhik

Markus Mehta: Like → facebook.com/markusmehta
Follow → twitter.com/markusmehta
Listen → @markusmehta

Roberto Q. Ingram:

Like → facebook.com/robertoingrammusic

Follow → twitter.com/robertoingram

Listen → @roberto-q-ingram

Loot Recordings:

Web → www.lootrecordings.com
Like → Facebook.com/lootrecordings
Follow → Twitter.com/lootrecordings
Listen → @lootrecordings


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How can you dance without music? That’s the intentionally rhetorical question posed by German house maestros Alec Chizhik and Markus Mehta on “Music,” which is the fifth release from Loot Recordings. Featuring spoken word vocals by Roberto Q. Ingram, the duo’s raw, old-school flavored jam takes a page from club classics like Cevin Fisher‘s “The Way We Used To” and Eddie Amador’s “House Music” but they’re careful to douse it with a fresh twist.

The boys put “Music” in the very capable hands of Junior Gee (pictured), and we’re thrilled to world premiere the British mixmaster’s stripped down remix that’s pure fire.

Hit the play button below only if you’re a true fan of house music.

“Music” is out October 5 on Loot Recordings.

You can listen to a preview here:


Chizhik & Mehta “Music feat. Roberto Q. Ingram” (Preview 2)

Alec Chizhik & Markus MehtaMusic feat. Roberto IngramRemixes by: Junior Gee & LuminérOut: October 5, 2015Loot Recordings

Posted by Markus Mehta on Saturday, October 3, 2015


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September 30, 2015 |

Hello Everyone, I have not been to active these days with updating my website lately, but know its time. After being involved with music since childhood I have grown to a point where I am getting job requests to mix live bands. One of those band`s I am proud to work with “Water Seed”., I met the leader of the band Lou Hill only by chance because I was looking for fresh downtempo music to add to my extended dj set while playing in Russia 2009. Although till this day Lou and I have been become great friends because of our love for music in all its art forms. I have always wanted to work with live musicians and thanks to Lou`s faith in me I have mixed to of the bands songs, one is: “Feel Like I do”, Feel Like I do the complete single featuring a prolific singer that goes by the name of Jon Bibbs, Roykey Creo, Guitar, Jeremi Crump, Keyboards, Lou Hill on drums, Cenise on Flute ShaleyahGuillaume Haller  backup vocalist. The experience I get from working with this team of musicians is a dream come true for me because learning from them helped me grow from a hand understanding of what is required in creating complete songs with not only computer but with humans. The combination between electronic and humans has always been a goal. The new tune I was asked to mix is called “Bollywood” which is a demo for legandary Stax Records at Rounder – Concord Music Records stax records lead in completion with a few other title songs TBA, but if all goes well Water Seed gets signed and I get to work again (Yeah). I hope you will return to learn more about the progress of these works.

Thanks for your time,

Roberto Q. Ingram

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August 13, 2015 | Timeless Message In My Own Back Yard

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Thursday, September 3at 11:00pm – 6:00amSep 3 at 11:00pm to Sep 4 at 6:00am Harry KleinSonnenstraße 8, am Stachus, 80331 München Munich, Germany

Inspriation Network

Electronic Soul

Harry Klein | Molten Moods | München



Von 23Uhr bis Mitternacht gibt Harry allen Gästen einen Drink aus. Donnerstags ist das immer so!

Die aus München und Los Angeles stammenden DJs und Produzenten Markus Mehta und Roberto Q Ingram (feiert seinen Geburtstag!), präsentieren nach längerer Zeit endlich einmal wieder ihr gemeinsames Inspiration:Soul Projekt. Sie werden am 03.09. gemeinsam und meist back 2 back hinter den ehrwürdigen Decks des Harry Kleins stehen und leidenschaftliche, elektronische Musik mit Herz und viel Seele zum Besten geben.

Die eklektischen Stile der Beiden ergänzen sich vorzüglich und die alten Freunde vertrauen sich musikalisch blind. Dargeboten wird ein buntes Allerlei aus High-Tech Sounds und Stimmungen für einen wilden und saloppen Donnerstagabend im Spätsommer. Die klangvolle Reise durch die Nacht wird über Detroit und Chicago, nach London und Berlin zurück nach München führen.

Als i-Tüpfelchen ist Jonas Friedlich mit am Start, der sich regelmäßig mit seinen Sets im MMA und Harry Klein viele neue Freunde erspielt. Jonas wird den Dancefloor gekonnt auf Betriebstemperatur bringen und die Stimmung zum köcheln!



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June 11, 2015 | Roberto Q. Ingram with Friends @ 25.06.2015 Ein Herz für… DISCOTRIBE









Roberto Q. Ingram on the decks a long side the ladies this time Sandra Gold & Morgana Rose.


Discotribe | BNFMUSIC | Palais


Chiwax | Inspiration Network


Palais | München


Blink and Remove | Harry Klein Visuals

Die Gastgeberin des Abends, DISCOTRIBE-Initiatorin Sandra Gold, fehlt in dieser Nacht natürlich auch nicht. Sie verfolgt beim Auflegen die Mission, positive Energie in Form von elektronischer Tanzmusik zu erschaffen, ohne sich dabei dem üblichen Club-Mainstream anzubiedern.
An ihrer Seite werden heute Roberto Q. Ingram und Morgana Rose ihre Sets zum Besten geben! Für das richtige Licht sorgt RMO.

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| Roberto Ingram @ MUNICH MONSTERS June 20 – June 21 Jun 20 at 11:55pm to Jun 21 at 12:00pm
















 Luvin’Lou & Empee (vibealive / München) 12:00pm-6:00am
Roberto Ingram (OM Rec. / Chiwax Rec.) 6:00am – 9:00am
Joaquin (Expressed Movement / Broque Rec) 9:00am-12:00

Monströs gute Münchner DJs sind am 20. Juni mal wieder im Palais am Werk. Luvin‘ Lou, Empee, Joaquin und Roberto Ingram werden den Gästen mit ihrer Musik den ein oder anderen Schauer den Rücken herunterjagen. Luvin‘ Lou und Empee legen mal wieder im Pingpong-Doppelpack auf. Sie sind eben ein eingespieltes Team, was sie auch regelmäßig beim Netzradio vibealive.fm zeigen. Vor gut einem Monat bewiesen sie das auch beim Streetlife-Festival auf der Leopoldstraße, wo sie im Milchbar-Partybus die flanierende Menge zu einem längeren Zwischenstopp animierten. Ihre Melange aus soulful House und Garage-Sound mit sanften Breaks ist einfach wie ein Lasso, das die Leute spielerisch leicht einfängt.

Ein einnehmendes Wesen als DJ hat auch Joaquin. Er ist Teil des DJ-Kollektivs Expressed Movement und veröffentlicht regelmäßig eigene Produktionen auf Broque Records. Im Palais hat er auch bereits mehrfach die Beats in den Boxen brodeln lassen, dass es eine wahre Freude ist.
Als vierter House-Master der Munich Monsters übernimmt Roberto Q. Ingram die Regler am Mischpult. Der US-Amerikaner mit Wahlheimat München interpretiert Musik auf seine ganz eigene Art – ob bei seinem aktuellen Musik-Projek „Decisive Podcast“-Serie, in der er internationale und nationale DJs zum „internetten Soundcheck“ bittet, oder hinterm Deck. Roberto Ingram bringt eine mitreißende Mixtur aus Deep House, Dub-Bässen, Minimal und kantigem Techno ins Palais. June 20 – June 21 Jun 20 at 11:55pm to Jun 21 at 12:00pm


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May 6, 2015 | Ricardo Villalobos supports the track “Feel Soul Real” Feat. Roberto Q. Ingram

Hello Everyone,

The release of Arttu Snellmen called The Wobbler ep in which the A side track is called “Feel Soul Real featuring Roberto Q. Ingram” on the vocal duties. Arttu is a fine musician and a great guy to work with. I look forward to doing more with him in 2015. Here is the youtube video of nearly 800 people dancing to Feel Soul real.

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April 17, 2015 | Roberto Ingram 3 hour dj set at APR 30 PALAIS 13th ANNUAL – Jetzt schlägt’s 13!

Hello My Peoples,

I will be playing with a cast of local dj`s from abroad at 13 years of Palais Club in Munich. I will be playing the closing set on May 1st and 12:00 noon till close. I am sure it will be a blast, so come get your party on for 3 whole days.

Palais 13 years




Jetzt schlägt‘s 13! Und im Palais freuen sich alle darüber. Manch ein abergläubischer amerikanischer Hotelbesitzer verzichtet ja bei der hausinternen Zählweise lieber auf die 13. Etage oder das Zimmer Nummer 13, und beim Lotto „6 aus 49“ z.B. ist die Zahl 13 tatsächlich die am seltensten gezogene. Ganz anders im Palais. Hier wird der 13. Geburtstag gefeiert wie schon lange nicht mehr – nämlich drei Nächte lang, jeweils ab Mitternacht bis 16 Uhr am Nachmittag.

Wer die insgesamt 48 Stunden voll auskosten möchte, der sollte sich gleich das Drei-Tages-Ticket für 20 Euro sichern. Dafür gibt‘s auch zusammengerechnet mehr als 20 Acts zu hören – in satter Klangqualität aus einer BRANDNEUEN SOUNDANLAGE, die extra vorm Geburtstag noch eingepegelt wurde. Wer nicht das Durchhaltevermögen für drei Nächte besitzt, für den empfiehlt sich der „Zwei-Tages-Pass“ für 16 Euro. Ein einzelner Abend kostet 10 Euro Eintritt.


PALAIS 13th ANNUAL – Jetzt schlägt’s 13 – VOL. l
DO 30.4.15 23:59 – 16 h
24:00 – 04:00 Freigeist & Freudentanz (Sturm & Drang)
04:00 – 04:30 MORGEN feat. Jens Poenitsch & Zoe LIVE
04:30 – 06:00 Poenitsch & Jakopic (Disco Art Rec / Palais)
06:00 – 09:00 Daniel Dreier (Highgrade / Moon Harbour / Katermukke Berlin)
09:00 – 12:30 Sandra Gold (Discotribe / BNFMUSIC / Palais)
12:30 – Ende George Bleicher (WE PLaY / Palais)

PALAIS 13th ANNUAL – Jetzt schlägt’s 13 – VOL. ll
FR 01.05.15 23:59 – 16 h
24:00 – 02:00 Morgana Rose (Palais-Küken)
02:00 – 04:00 Redpat (Bassilikum)
04:00 – 07:00 Tom Nowa (Klangkost / Kosmonaut / Berlin)
07:00 – 09:30 Subgate (Roxy / Prag)
09:30 – 12:00 Rob Smile (Creative / Prag)
12:00 – Ende Roberto Ingram (OM Rec. / Chiwax Rec.)

PALAIS 13th ANNUAL – Jetzt schlägt’s 13 – VOL. lll
SA 02.05.15 23:59 – 16:00 h
24:00 – 02:00 Dennis Hardt (Klangkonferenz)
02:00 – 04:00 Rainer Wahnsinn (Electronic Monster)
04:00 – 07:00 Jens Bond (Highgrade / Suruba / Kontrast / Berlin)
07:00 – 11:00 Bara Bröst (Exploited / Smiley Fingers / Berlin)
11:00 – Ende Poenitsch & Jakopic (Disco Art Rec / Palais)

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April 7, 2015 | Thanks to Pulseradio for this write up.

Check Out This Write Up about women in techno.
Nice idea.  10 reasons girls who listen to techno are awesome





They stay up late, and never settle for anything but the best. They look for more from their music, their life and their friends, and are always up for adventure. These are the 10 reasons girls who listen to techno are awesome.  

1. We’re independent thinkers

For some reason, it seems that society still has this expectation that if you have oestrogen, you’ll only be into inoffensive, lyric-based songs about emotion. The disbelief so often expressed by guys when I talk about techno is hilarious to me. Techno girls don’t buy into that shit.

2. We have stamina

…As anyone who has ever stayed until close at Fabric can attest. As much as we tell ourselves that we should really start getting up for early-morning runs on the weekend instead, the repetitive nature of our music often means we’ll stay resolutely glued to the dancefloor until the sun comes up – which probably burns far more calories anyway.

3. We’ve got a trainer collection to rival any man

Whilst certain girls’ idea of a great night out might involve staggering about in high heels like an oversized bodycon bambi, female ravers have absolutely no time for this. Anything that restricts our ability to get lost in the emotion that only repetitive beats can inspire is a no-go; for us, trainers are our trophy shoes. I always feel saddened by the sight of tourists that wear heels to Egg and Fabric, knowing the deep inner pain they must be experiencing.

4.Who is this Zayn Malik?

Boyband dramas don’t even touch techno girls. If they’re not making beats, we’re not interested. Our music allows us to be more levelheaded about these things, and life in general.

5. We don’t mind getting sweaty

There’s a certain type of girl whose sole purpose in going out is to obtain the best possible profile picture from the club’s official photographer; the torturous shoes, the overpriced taxi to the club, the cancerous sunbed is all worth it for that one snapshot without a hair out of place. You can tell a true female raver, however, by her active avoidance of cameras. Getting covered in other people’s sweat is unavoidable at a techno night, and it’s best to embrace this rather than fight it. If you’re doing it right, your appearance, least of all on social media, should be the last of your concerns.

6. We’re all about clubland equality

That’s not to say that girls who don’t listen to techno aren’t into equality, but in our world, we fully expect to pay exactly the same cover charge as our male friends – we’re not here to fight over the promoter’s Grey Goose, we’re here to get lost to our favourite artists. This also means that you should drop all cliques, bitchiness and pretensions at the door – the very first house and techno parties were founded as an inclusive space, and there’s no reason why that should be any different in 2015.

7. We’re not afraid to experiment

Take several planes, trains and coaches to dance in the moat of an abandoned Croatian fort? Sure! Fly out to a festival in Iceland where darkness never falls? Sounds cool! Get “kidnapped” by a DJ’s management, thrust into the back of a van blindfolded whilst being taken to a secret location? Why not!

8. We have no time for your bullshit

There’s no two ways about it, attending a big night at a warehouse isn’t for the faint hearted. Therefore, we’re going to focus our energies into getting our rave on, doing our best to ignore the overly tanned, snap-backed men aggressively shuffling towards us like neon techno peacocks. Equally, if we’re actually talking to you at a rave, it’s safe to assume that we’re genuinely interested in the conversation, rather than hunting for our next free drink or someone to go home with.

9. Girls that rave together, stay together

Having other female friends that understand your music taste and never say no to a night out are a precious – perhaps rare – commodity. Girls that go to techno events together are fiercely loyal. Together, you share the highest of the highs and lowest of the lows – whether that’s dancing under the stars at a beach festival, or searching for the nearest tube or bus stop as the sun rises on a freezing January morning in the arse end of east London.

10. Ellen Allien, Maya Jane Coles, Sister Bliss, Heidi, tiNI, Hannah Wants, Miss Kittin, Cassy, Anja Schneider, Nina Kraviz, Nicole Moudaber, Magda, Louisahhh!, Annie Mac, BLONDE:ISH, Monki, and many many more…

Despite the relative lack of females headlining major festivals, we have still definitely made progress. These ladies kick ass and are showing the world it can and should be done – they’re basically living proof of why girls who listen to techno are awesome!

Listen to Pulse Radio.

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March 2, 2015 | Roberto Ingram@Rotesonne Electronic Soul Event on March 12th 2015

ROBERTO INGRAM Playtime: 11:00 – 12:30.

It will be a blast jamming with the guys Markus Mehta, Alex Cristea, Flo Scheuer Gozila Lymati. I will be opening so get there early! Mood Vibe and Good Music is on the menu.
Here you can find more information about the event:

Electronic Soul Rotesonne.

My Fan Page:


March 12

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